Garrett is 2 Months Old

Garrett is two months old today, or rather yesterday since it is after midnight all ready. HERE is his Birth Story if you never had a chance to read it.

He is such a beautiful person and I love him dearly. It is fun to watch his personality bloom. He loves to coo and talk and he is so good at mimicking the noises I make at him. He also seems to be keenly aware of many phrases and I sometimes take forgranted how truly intelligent and amazing babies are. He is smiling so readily now but mostly at me, Camden and Mike…not so much at strangers yet. I need to weigh him in the morning to see what he weighs. Camden almost got him to laugh the other day and it was soooo close to a laugh but I won’t call it that quite yet. He continues to baffle me with how well he sleeps at night. He is still pretty easygoing during the day but is demanding to be in arms much more often which would be perfectly fine if it weren’t for the fact that packing is somewhat difficult that way. He has been drooling a lot for about the last two weeks.

EC is going great and will be the subject for an article later on when I have more time. Right now we are catching about 75% of his pees and always his poo (well, we had an off day a few days ago but other than that he never poos in his diaper). He is very good at cueing me and letting me know when he needs to go.

As for the rest of life…

We move in one day!!! Friday afternoon we will be loading up the truck and moving to Bellingham. We are experiencing some annoyances with the move because there was some construction in the kitchen of the house we were moving into because of some serious mold issues that needed to be addressed behind the drywall. They are replacing the joists, insulation and drywall and they probably won’t be done until early next week. We can move our stuff in but we won’t have a kitchen yet. Mike will yell at them tomorrow and we’ll see what happens.

Life is about packing right now basically. Camden is taking it pretty well but both kids are being completely ignored and I feel bad for both of them. Luckily it will all be over soon. Camden, Garrett and I got to take a much needed break and visit our friends and members of our mommy groups for one last good-bye at a neat restaurant/hangout called Smoovies. I was able to enjoy green bean fries for one last time.

He loves his pacifier

Watching Football with Daddy

Going for a stroll…LOL…Camden thought this was the funniest thing ever

Trying to get a sibling picture…maybe someday it will work…

Garrett Smiling…it is hard to catch his smile on camera