Moving Insanity

It’s a good thing we have a sense of humor, that is all I can say.

Two days before our move to Bellingham all of our plans began crumbling into a mess of chaos. In speaking with the upstairs tenants we were able to determine that the kitchen/laundry room was not properly sealed when demolition of the black mold was underway and as a result all of the mold spores were free to move about the house. This would, at the least, require that the carpet be thoroughly shampood before we moved in. So not only would we not have a kitchen for the first few days but no where to move in our things.

In addition, the property management company repeatedly lied to us about the problem and was even so bold as to declare that there was no mold and that they were simply replacing the joists, insulation and drywall as a “precautionary measure”….um, riggggghhhhtttt. Luckily we had the whole story from the tenants upstairs and we called the actual home owner who also gave us the complete story. I was smart and had the property management company email me with their little story about what the problem was so that I could have their lies in writing in case we needed to get out of the lease and get our money back. We were considering still moving forward and living at the property but then the home owner decided that dealing with the tenants was too stressful and that the whole reason she hired a property management company was so that she wouldn’t have to deal with all the stress. Makes sense but there is no way we were going to rent from a management company that obviously had no problem lying to us.

So we decided to bag that house and instead traded over 2000 square feet on 5 beautiful and luscious acres with a stunning view of Mt. Shuksan for 1000 square feet of apartment with no yard and our choice of a view of the parking lot or a dozen neighbors windows (time to break out the binoculars). The upside is that we now have a bathtub.

I really shouldn’t complain too much. As far as apartments go this one isn’t too bad. The space is set up nicely and there is quite a bit of closet storage space. The biggest perk is that they are super inexspensive and we should be able to start saving for a much needed mini-van since it is hard to fit our family of 5 into a 91 Honda Accord.

Camden is oblivious to the fact that living in an apartment isn’t exactly a high point in life. You’d think she’d have stumbled across the housing jackpot or something. When we first brought her to the apartment I was expecting to hear questions about where is the playroom and where is our yard, etc but children are wonderfully adaptable and easy to please. Instead of complaining like her mom she ran around in circles and shrieked for joy over her new house and jumped up and down in her new bedroom. Mike and I promptly informed her that we couldn’t jump in the apartment (we will repeat this phrase more than a billion times over the next 12 months I am afraid).

Much to our frustration the apartment was not adequately cleaned before our move in either. The carpet was dirty, the kitchen floor was sticky and the bathroom was nasty-o. I used more than half a roll of paper towels cleaning the nasty toilet, alone. Mike and I wound up buying a new toilet seat because it is our housing tradition. I am still trying to get a hold of the property manager to complain about how clean the place was…we’ll see how productive that is.

So far our neighbors seem quiet and nothing too crazy has gone on. I’m sure we’ll have lots of swell adventures in this place.

Loading up the truck. Mike’s dad was kind enough to move us in his truck

Goodbye House…



  1. Christen · October 25, 2008

    That sucks! I bet you’re glad to be there! We can’t wait to see you guys this Christmas!

  2. Brianne · October 22, 2008

    Uh…. wow? Crazy story. I hope it all works out for the best! We’ll see you this weekend.

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