Purely Nurtured Product Review

Purely Nurtured

The Scoop

Purely Nurtured is a refreshing website that offers a unique array of products. Run by two moms, Kelly and Nicole, Purely Nurtured seeks to offer their customers simple and natural products designed with the whole family in mind.

One factor that I believe helps Purely Nurtured stand out in the pack from other cloth diaper and natural product retailers is their interesting mix of products. Not only do they carry cloth diapers, wipes and diaper bags but they delve into a creative array of scrumptious bath products and homemade goodies. So why you are buying a diaper for junior you can purchase an “I dream of Sleeping” cupcake bubble bath and a pound of fudge and kiss your cares away. Because, after all, there are no parenting woes that can not be cured with a bubble bath and chocolate…

Would you believe this is a bubble bath??!! They are designed to look like cupcakes but are actually a solid bubble bath. These would make EXCELLENT gifts.

DinoSphere Bath Bomb with a surprise inside! A dinosaur! A great way to get your little one to willingly take a bath. What a great stocking stuffer.

Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Truffle. Mmmmmm

The Crunchville Experience

Due to dye sensitivities and nut allergies we were not able to test out Purely Nurtured’s bath products or candies. Instead we had the opportunity to test out a one-size fitted cloth diaper by Mosaic Moon.

Every mom that uses cloth diapers loves to get “fluffy mail,” a term of endearment given to receiving diapers in the mail. I am definitely no exception. I certainly didn’t have to wait long, all of Purely Nurtured’s packages are sent via priority mail. When I received the package I was pleasantly surprised with their great attention to detail in the packaging. It was like receiving a fancy present.
They layered the box with fancy tissue paper…

And artfully wrapped the diaper…

Inside we received the Later Gator print Mosaic Moon one-size-fits-most fitted diaper     (10-35+ lbs). The version we received has a double snap-in
soaker for extra absorption and quick drying.
Outside of the Mosaic Moon
Inside of Mosaic Moon with snap-in soaker
-Sizing & Fit-

During the testing period Garrett weighed about 13 pounds with a 15 inch waist and 9 1/2 inch thigh. Mosaic Moons are designed to fit a large size range of babies by having a fold down front tab that shortens the rise and multiple snap settings, including the option of cross-over snaps.

We first tried the Mosaic Moon on Garrett on the small setting with the flap folded down. We used the smallest snap settings but didn’t find it necessary to use the cross-over snap function. The diaper had a secure fit and Garrett had the classic cloth diaper bulk look.

We then tried the Mosaic Moon on the largest setting with the flap up. It still seemed to fit fine but was higher up on his waist.

We also tried on the Mosaic Moon without the snap in soaker and this did take away a lot of the bulk.

Mosaic Moon without snap-in soaker on smallest rise

Mosaic Moon without snap-in soaker on largest rise

I found the fit of the Mosaic Moon to be more versatile than I would have expected but with small babies the bulk of the diaper is hard to miss. Even so, the benefit of buying a diaper that will fit the baby for the life of their diapering experience and the cute prints available make dealing with diaper bulk on newborns a typical and forgivable side effect of one size diapers.

I have to admit that having never dealt with a one-size fitted diaper before I was a little perplexed when looking at all the snaps in how exactly the diaper was supposed to work. My friend, Emeth, who owns a Mosaic Moon diaper was kind enough to show me how the tab folded down.
Once you understand how the snaps work the diaper is simple to put on and off and the way the diaper is gusseted creates a secure fit around the babies back and thighs (where it counts for catching poo).

I didn’t feel as nervous pulling the snaps apart with one hand as I do with other pocket style diapers because the fabric feels more secure and less likely to have runs in the fabric around the snaps.

-The Wash-

Mosaic Moon’s have a simple straight forward wash method. You can wash them with all of your other diapers and use the standard cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse method of washing. Fitted’s are nice because there are no inserts to try and shake out and the fabrics are not as sensitive to soap buildup or repelling. If the insert is soiled you can either unsnap it or you can wash the diaper with it snapped on and remove the insert once go to dry the diaper.

One drawback to washing the Mosaic Moon is that all of the layers in the diaper make for slow drying. Even with the soaker that snaps out I found that the diaper did not dry all the way on medium heat with the rest of my inserts that I dry in the dryer. What I found to be easiest (and conserve the most energy) is to dry it for once cycle in the dryer with my inserts and then hang it to dry for the rest of its drying time. If you were in a pinch to use it again I would suggest drying it on hot.

On a positive note the diaper looked just as good after the first wash as it did when it was brand new. I didn’t notice any fading or pilling of the fabric and it was just as soft as ever.

-Real Life Application (AKA The Pee Test)-

The first time Garrett wore the Mosaic Moon and I took him to use the potty (we practice EC) I was pleasantly surprised to find that Garrett had wet the diaper but that there was no hint of moisture or wicking on the outside layer of fabric. The snap in soaker makes the diaper extremely absorbable. Because of its high absorbability we chose never to use a cover with the Mosaic Moon but I would suggest using a cover for in the car or overnight to prevent any possible wicking.
Not having to use a cover and still avoid any wicking is a great feature of the diaper that we found very useful for EC. I liked how Garrett was still able to have the instant feedback of the diaper being wet since the fabrics do not wick moisture away from baby’s skin but that I was able to avoid having a wet shirt due to the diaper wicking.

We did not test how the diaper handles the containment of poo because my son will not poo in a diaper. The fit does seem secure so I imagine it would hold up fine.

Wrapping It Up

-Suggestions, Observations and Wishes-

– Mosaic Moon diapers are definitely bulky. They create the classic cloth diaper bulk look which is perfectly fine as long as you understand you are not getting a trim fitting diaper. The bulk will obviously lessen as the child grows since it is a one size diaper.

-All though once I saw how the fold down flap and snaps worked it was an “oh duh” type of experience I’d love to see visual instructions on the different diaper and snap positions to help alleviate the confusion experienced by first time users. I’d like to see something included with the diaper itself or even a note on what website to go to in order to view pictures on how the diapers work, etc. I also love to see wash instructions included with the diapers.

-I think that this diaper would make a great overnight diaper but we haven’t had a chance to test this out because Garrett is so sensitive to feeling wet at night and he also won’t let me potty him or change his diaper while he is sleeping without making a huge fuss. He likes his sleep, can you tell? So at night we are still using a disposable. This will be one of the first diapers we try for overnights once he is more tolerant. I imagine for use as an overnight diaper that you’d want to use a cover to be on the safe side.

– All thought this is not under Purely Nurtured’s control I would love to see the makers of their bath bombs, cupcakes and other bath products update their recipes to use vegetable based dyes and pure essential oils so that we could use them (we have sensitivities in the house). It would also make them more “natural.” Nevertheless they are so absolutely adorable and I think they are such a great idea and gift.


I like the Mosaic Moon for a reliable cover free diaper to use at home. The prints are adorable and it is nice to have a cute fitted diaper that doesn’t need to be covered up and that can still avoid wicking, even with a large pee. My preference to use the Mosaic Moon at home is because of its bulk under clothing and my hope is that this will lessen as he gets older since I’d love to use this when we are out and about as well. I also think this diaper has great potential as an overnight diaper.


  1. Lisa · October 26, 2008

    Amen on the vegetable dyes and essential oils. Kelly & Nicole…..are ya listening??! :)

  2. Andrea · October 26, 2008

    I know this isnt a comment about the product, but I just had to say how I just can’t believe how much Garrett looks like you…and Camden and Mike. Its just cool, hes such a cute baby!

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