Chocolate Coins with Melamine in Canada

For all of my Canadian readers I would like to pass on the message to go through your children’s Halloween candy and watch out for any chocolate gold coins made by Sherwood. They were made in China and contain some of the chocolate that was contaminated with Melamine. To see my other post about recalled candy from China see HERE. Melamine can be highly toxic when ingested.

The chocolate was sold at Costco in Canada and possibly at dollar stores and bulk stores. The chocolate did not reach the U.S.

To verify the gold coin recall you can go to Snopes.


Pouring Milk

Camden was getting her breakfast ready today (we created a cupboard of self help foods and dishes for her) and she had everything at the table and was waiting for me to pour the raw milk. I suggested that she could give it a try today. I stood next to her, as support, and showed her where to put her hands.

I did forget to tell her that she should tilt the carton back up when she had enough. We thought the result was funny enough for a picture. It was a cute start to our day.