Miraclean Giveaway


Jen, from Bare Naked Cleaners, has been kind enough to offer a 2oz bottle of Miraclean as a prize giveaway! The 2oz bottle makes 32oz of cleaner. You don’t want to miss this one! The Miraclean natural cleaner is fantastic and I’ve been using it for several weeks in my home now. It gets the job done, smells great and is all natural! Read the review HERE.

To enter the contest please answer the following question:

“What object/part of your house do you hate cleaning the most? Or are you one of those crazy people that enjoys cleaning everything? If you don’t clean at all you can say that too.”

For me I absolutely HATE scrubbing the bathtub and I’m not exactly sure why so I make my husband do that. I also don’t like mopping. This is quite embarrassing but I think I got away with only mopping the kitchen floor in our last house like 5 times. Insert sheepish grin here. I usually just vacuumed or swept it. I also hardly ever clean windows (um…hm, like never) and dust.

So c’mon, confess. What do you hate to clean and do you just suck it up and do it anyway, have you delegated or are you as bad as me and just don’t do it.

The winner will be chosen at random.

Contest Closes Thursday, November 27th at 11:59pm. Winner will be announced on Friday the 28th.


Winners Announced – Babylegs & Nanipoo Diaper


And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

But first here’s a message from our sponsors. Me. I just wanted to thank everyone for participating. It was really fun to read your comments. Lisa, your moms hand me down breast pump had me cracking up. At least she is original, right?

Everyone, I am posting a new contest today for a 2oz bottle of Miraclean from Bare Naked Cleaners. Keep on the look out for the contest and in the meantime please read the review HERE.

Without further adieu, here are this weeks winners!

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Bare Naked Cleaners


Bare Naked Cleaners offers a natural array of cleaning products that not only salvage your health and the environment but leave your home smelling wonderful and gets everything sparkly clean. Bare Naked Cleaners is owned and operated by Jen, a work-at-home-mom, who makes all of her cleaners herself out of natural ingredients.Reasons to use natural cleaners (click on the links to read)

How Toxic Are My Commercial Cleaning Products?

Human Health and Toxicology

The Scoop

For the last year or so I switched over from using commercial cleaners to clean my home and began using equal parts white vinegar and water and a few drops of eucalyptus pure essential oil in a plastic squirt bottle that I found at the Dollar Store. I was amazed to find how effective (and cheap) it was to clean your house with such basic ingredients. I loved that my daughter could help me clean the house and that there were no toxic fumes that I needed to worry about. Despite the benefits to using vinegar and water to clean my bathroom, kitchen, table, mirrors, etc I found that there were a few drawbacks. For me the biggest drawback was the smell. I HATE, HATE, HATE the smell of vinegar. I still remember hiding in my room when my Filipino grandmother mopped our wood floors with vinegar. It was putrid. So to switch over to using vinegar for cleaning my home was kind of tough. Using the Eucalyptus oil definitely helped with the smell but it definitely didn’t get rid of it. The second drawback was that as effective as the cleaner was there was just some things that it just wasn’t strong enough to handle. I have dealt with marks all over our kitchen table (pencil, pen, marker, crayon, etc) and kept telling myself I should find an old bottle of 409 (wherever it was hiding) and wipe down the table but I could never bring myself to go looking for it, or use it for that matter. There is also the matter of the bathtub. I don’t mind cleaning my house with one exception, I don’t do bathtubs. I just don’t like scrubbing them. So I make my husband do it and he uses the Comet Powder which smells like death in a bottle, if you ask me.

When Jen offered to let me test her Miraclean solution I jumped at the opportunity. Miraclean is an all purpose cleaner that is able to tackle everything from day to day cleaning tasks (even natural stone and glass) to hard to clean spots like carpet stains, rust and hard-water stains, upholstery and more!

Miraclean contains no phosphates, ammonia, butyl ether’s or chlorine bleach. They are 100% biodegradable, are scented with pure essential oils (synthetic fragrance oils are also available) and are great for people with asthma or sensitive skin.

Miraclean is made of the following ingredients:
water, vinegar, stain & soil removers, and a coconut derived cleaning agent

The Crunchville Experience

Diluting the Solution:

We received 2oz of the Miraclean concentrate in a small plastic bottle. The Miraclean concentrate came with instructions on how to dilute it.


First you shake the bottle vigorously to break down the solids. It says to shake for 30 seconds but I found I needed to shake it for longer.


Next, you pour the concentrate into a squirt bottle. You can purchase the Squirt Bottle through Bare Naked Cleaners or you can find them at places like the Dollar Store for, you guessed it, a dollar.


After I poured the concentrate into the squirt bottle I realized that there was a large solid clump still left in the bottle. I used a toothpick to break it up enough so that it would come out of the small hole of the concentrate bottle. I then poured the clumps into the squirt bottle with the rest of the concentrate. I didn’t worry about the clumps because I figured they would dissolve in the warm water that you are supposed to use to dilute the solution.

I added the warm water to the bottle and then shook it. Done. It was simple enough. I was ready to go on a cleaning extravaganza.


The Smell:

We received the Miraclean solution in a fragrance called “Pink Sugar.” I wish I had a picture for how yummy this stuff smells. Oh wait, this would work…


Truly Pink Sugar smells of heavenly scrumptious cotton candy goodness. It has a warm yummy sugary smell that makes me want to lick my counters after I use it. I can see it now, women all across America licking their counters when no one is looking. Okay, maybe not because that’s a little gross but it smells so yummy!

Pink Sugar is one of the scents that is made out of synthetic fragrance oils. Currently Bare Naked Cleaners carries 22 scents derived of fragrance oils. All of them sound wonderful. Things like: warm vanilla sugar, Japanese cherry blossom, hot apple pie, cucumber melon and clean cotton to name a few.

For those who prefer essential oils she carries 100% pure essential oils in 9 different varieties. You also have the option of combining multiple essential oils for a nominal fee.

Cleaning Power:

My first cleaning goal was the kitchen. Miraclean easily tackled the kitchen and had no problem getting my counters clean. While cleaning my kitchen I was also making spaghetti sauce and some of it spilled on the stove-top and dried. Miraclean wiped up the sauce easily. The best part? The warm stove-top combined with the pink sugar scent filled the kitchen with a divine smell.



Next, I decided to tackle the bathroom. It was able to clean the counter, sink, faucet and toilet without a glitch. I sprayed the mirror and it was able to clean the mirror beautifully without any streaking as long as I made sure I wiped the mirror until it was dry. Since the Miraclean description said it was powerful enough to clean rust stains I decided to try and give the electric baseboard heater in the bathroom a try even though it was extremely rusted. I was pretty impressed that it was able to wipe up almost all of the rust all though the heater still looks just as ugly because the paint is still missing but at least it was able to get off the rust.

My last cleaning goal of the day was to wipe up our wooden kitchen table and chairs which had stains all over it. Even though I have really enjoyed using vinegar and water to clean my house over the last year it has fallen short on being able to remove all of the various marks on our kitchen table that my daughter is able to grace it with.



I was quite shocked to find that if I let the Miraclean solution sit on these “stains” for 15-20 seconds or so that they came completely off the table. Some of these marker and crayon marks had been on the table for more than six months because I was not able to get them off the table with the vinegar/water solution that I’d been cleaning with. With the Miraclean solution I was able to remove every single mark on the table, as well as the chairs.


Camden wanted to clean too so I turned over the Miraclean and paper towels to her.



Wrapping it Up

Suggestions, Observations and Wishes:

– I’d love to see the Miraclean concentrate bottles come with larger openings so that it is easier to get any lingering clumps out of the bottle.

– All though ultimately it is not important it would be nice to see some labels that were more colorfast (the one I had, the ink bled) and perhaps labels that were a little more aesthetically pleasing. Of course, this might have the result of increasing the cost and in the end I’d rather have a product that was more affordable than a pretty label.

– I’d also appreciate the ability to purchase Miraclean in a larger bulk amount. Say in, 8oz or even 16oz. I have noticed that since we switched to using natural based cleaners and that I use the same cleaner for almost all of my cleaning jobs that I clean more often and I know personally we go through a squirt bottle of cleaner about every 1 1/2 to 2 months. I would rather spend a larger amount and buy in bulk than to keep reordering or to purchase many small bottles. Plus, this saves on waste. Perhaps the larger bulk bottles could be marked on the outside in 2oz increments so that you would know how much concentrate to pour out to make 32oz of the diluted solution. I think the 2oz concentrate size should still be kept for those who don’t want to order in bulk or who want to try the product first before buying in bulk.

-I’m not sure how feasible or possible this would be but it would be great if there was a way to smell all of the scents. Perhaps by putting a few drops on cotton balls or paper the scent samples could be sent out with orders (if requested) so that the customer would have the ability to try new scents before making their next purchase. I know that personally once I find a scent I like I’m a bit too afraid to take a chance on another scent I might not like. Some of the scents sound fantastic but I admit that since I love the way that Pink Sugar smells so much that I hesitate to try something else.


I think this cleaner is fantastic. Miraclean is not only effective at cleaning but it stole my heart by smelling wonderful and nothing like Vinegar or harsh chemicals. I appreciate that it is more powerful than the vinegar/water combination that I was making myself and again I LOVE that it doesn’t smell like vinegar. Did I mention it doesn’t smell like vinegar? Seriously though, this stuff is great. I am all ready putting in an order for more and I’m going to try some of the other cleaners that Jen sells as well. In the end Miraclean is more expensive than making your own vinegar/water cleaning solution but I’d have to conclude that it is worth it. You are getting a product that is more powerful, that smells better and that easily rivals commercial cleaners if that is what you are currently using.

3 Month Old Vampire


Garrett turned 3 months old on the 15th. Time is flying by. He began teething about a little over a  week ago and has been drooling more than I thought possible and knawing on his little hands. Today I discovered that his left cusp tooth, his vampire tooth, has broken through his gums and the one on the right side seems close. I can hardly believe his first tooth has come in let alone that my little one is a vampire. Perhaps I should start calling him Edward? Only some of you will get that. :)

I weighed him and measured him and he is 15 pounds now and 25 inches long. His rate of growth has slowed and he is now only in the 75th percentile for both weight and height so I’m thinking that he’ll wind up fairly average before too long. He just wanted to make a grand entrance.

Teething has been a little difficult and has made him more clingy and whiny than normal and for the first time ever I had to soothe him back to sleep by rocking him last night but he is still a pretty happy guy overall. He has some cute scowls and glares but mostly he smiles a ton and has given us a few laughs but mostly he still just makes funny squeaky sounds in an attempt to laugh. I did get a good giggle out of him yesterday by singing “Kokomo” to him by the Beach Boys. I’m not sure why that is so funny I have the singing voice of an emu, after all.

He loves for you to hold him in a sitting position and I have a feeling he will be sitting early. He can almost balance for a few seconds in a forward lean sitting position. Today he started bearing weight on his legs for long periods of time and standing which is new for him. Until now he didn’t really like to stand but he stood a lot today.

Organic Wool Babylegs Giveaway


Organic Wool Babylegs Giveaway!

I discovered Babylegs when Camden was a toddler and they were fantastic for potty training and keeping her legs warm without having to wear pants. She is nearly 4 now and loves to wear them with a skirt in the winter to stay warm and they are much easier then her trying to put back on her own tights. People have found all sorts of inventive ways to use Babylegs. Now that we practice Elimination Communication with Garrett they come in handy in keeping his little legs warm while allowing easy access to take him to the potty.

To enter the giveaway and win the warm and cozy Organic Wool Babylegs pictured above simply leave a comment below answering one (or both) of the following questions:

“The Holidays are fast approaching, have you started your holiday shopping? Finished it?” or “What is a product you would like to see reviewed on the site?”

The giveaway will end next Thursday (Nov 20th) at 11:59pm pacific standard time. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday the 21st. The winner will have 72 hours from the announcement to contact me to collect their prize. If the prize is not collected another random winner will be chosen. I recommend that you subscribe to the blog to make sure you don’t miss the announcement.

Good Luck!

To learn more about Babylegs please go to the following link:



Whoops, I forgot to answer the questions myself which is what I intend to do with all of the giveaways. Ok, here goes. We do celebrate Christmas and we always try to get a head start. Last year we did a really good job and got almost all handmade things purchased directly from the families that made them. I loved it. This year is a bit different and I don’t think it will work out to be all handmade, sadly. I found an awesome wooden dollhouse for Camden off of Craigslist this summer for a super cheap price and that is hiding at my MIL’s house. I also bought her a tea set off craigslist but she wound up getting one for her Birthday (a cuter one that she got to paint herself) so we’ll resell it on craigslist. The Christmas present I am excited about is that I am making both of the girls Doctor Kits out of real items. I found real stethoscopes in pink and lavender on amazon for only $4/ea! I am going to sew up some drawstring bags for them to keep the items in. I will post pictures when I finish them. Also, today I found Camdens Birthday present (her Birthday is Christmas Eve) at a consignment shop. I found a really nice quality ballet leotard and some ballet slippers and she will be SO excited to have them. She is obsessed with ballet and begs to take ballet lessons. She pretends to do ballet all around the house. I think I’m going to make her wait another year though before we do actual lessons. I am so stuck on Mikayla. She is almost 9 and the only hints she’s given me is that she wants stuff for a Baby Alive doll that she has at her moms house. I am making her a doctor kit too and other than arts & crafts stuff I’m stuck. I bought her a bunch of books last year but she is not really into reading yet.

As far as products I’d like to see reviewed? Everything. I am having so much fun with this. By the way there are about a dozen products currently in the process of being reviewed or on their way so please be patient. Some fun stuff is coming and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. The ultimate thing to review would be a Honda Odyssey. Anyone? Anyone? LOLOL. Totally joking.

Newborn Nanipoo Giveaway


Newborn Nanipoo Giveaway!

In my opinion there is nothing cuter than a newborn baby sporting a Nanipoo cloth diaper. During my pregnancy with Garrett I spent a lot of time stalking Shannon’s Hyena Cart for cute newborn diapers. Much to my amazement my son was born weighing a whopping 11lbs 3 oz (his family nickname is Goliath) so we were unable to use the cute newborn size however I did stock up on smalls and we loved them! They are definitely one of the best newborn diapers out there and they have a nice cutout for the umbilical cord.

UPDATE: There has been some confusion on the type of diaper that a nanipoo is. It is actually a fitted diaper and will require a cover to be “leak proof”. It is not a diaper cover. When we used them we usually didn’t use covers, just changed him when he wet them.

To enter the Nanipoo giveaway and win the adorable butterfly and flower print Nanipoo pictured above simply leave a comment below answering one (or both) of the following questions:

“What is your favorite, gotta have it, can’t imagine living without it, baby product?” Or  “What is the most pointless baby product that is still on the market. One of those things that everyone registers for but never uses or something you’d just like to see never used again.”

Don’t have any kids yet? No problem. You can answer the questions or you can simply say “hi!” in the comments. Don’t feel like putting a pink diaper with flowers and butterflies on your little boys bum? Me neither! In that case you can still enter to win the diaper if you want and you can save it for a gift, put it on junior when dad isn’t looking and snap a picture to use as blackmail (or a funny holiday postcard), donate it, sell it, put it on the family dog, really it doesn’t matter. Once it is yours you can do whatever you want with it.

The giveaway will end next Thursday (Nov 20th) at 11:59pm pacific standard time. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday the 21st. The winner will have 72 hours from the announcement to contact me to collect their prize. If the prize is not collected another random winner will be chosen. I recommend that you subscribe to the blog to make sure you don’t miss the announcement.

Good Luck!

To learn more about Nanipoo Cloth Diapers please go to the following link:



I forgot to answer the questions myself. Here goes, my favorite gotta have it baby product thus far is definitely a wrap. I wish, wish, wish I would have had one with Camden when she was a newborn. Instead I struggled with an uncomfortable Baby Bjorn that hurt my back. I picked up my first wrap when I was a nanny for a baby and it was such a blessing! I can’t imagine not having a wrap now. I have two moby’s (I meant to sell one of them and just haven’t gotten around to it) and I have an amazing Didymos that my friend Emeth gave me. For useless products I’d have to say the Diaper Genie. We registered and received one of those with Camden. Seriously those things WREAK and frankly I don’t think they’re worth the hassle. Plus, all I can envision is all of those diaper sausages filling up landfills. LOL.

Giveaway Kickoff

Journey to Crunchville is happy to announce that we will now be hosting regular contests and giveaways! I am really excited about this. The giveaways will be products that I love and use or products that I am testing for Crunchville Product Reviews.

In order to make sure that you don’t miss out on any giveaways or contests I recommend that you subscribe to the blog (click on the link on the right sidebar) so that you will receive an email every time the blog is updated (you can un-subscribe at any time).

I am posting two giveaways today. Anyone is allowed to participate and feel free to pass on the good news.