Michiko Baby – Chalkbook


Portable Chalkbook


Michiko Kids is a division of Michiko Baby that sells fun childrens products like crayon and marker rolls, childrens backsacks and child sized baby carriers. All of the items are made by Kim who owns and operates Michiko Baby. We tested out Michiko’s Chalkbook. A compact and portable and oh so adorable, perfect for the stocking (or anytime) gift!

The Scoop


Chalkbook in the “folded up and ready to go” position

The Michiko Kids chalkbook is one of six different Michiko Kids products.It is an ingenious self storing and compact chalkboard that folds up and snaps together for easy portability. It includes 2 pieces of chalk and a matching “eraser” wipe. When folded it easily stores in a purse or diaper bag.

When open it has a chalkboard on the left and the chalk and “eraser” wipe on the right.



The Crunchville Experience


We were able to test out the chalkbook for the Michiko Kids line and were super excited to get it and use it for our move across the state so Camden would have something new and fun to do on the car trip. As luck would have it our postal service went crazy and our mail forwarding got messed up and after hours on the phone with various postal workers we FINALLY got our mail at the end of November.

Nevertheless, we were still very excited to see it arrive. Camden wanted to use it right away and so I brought it along on a lunch we had with my parents at a local Thai restaurant. Here is Camden passing time with her chalkbook before the meal.



Camden also enjoyed using her book in the car. Since it wasn’t safe for me to actually get a picture of her using it while driving I snapped a pic of her with it before we took off.


We both loved how cute and portable this item was. It fit easily into the diaper bag without taking up too much space or becoming a nuisance. It would also easily fit into a purse. I also love how it is simple to fold up and snap together and that my 3 year old is able to do it herself.



Camden particularly enjoys the novelty of her chalkbook. It is much more exciting to her than the ziploc bag of crayons and a piece of scratch paper that I usually dig out of the diaper bag. She enjoyed it so much, in fact, that she shook it with glee and a piece of chalk popped out. Whoops. The design is helpful because the chalk is positioned in a way that when folded the chalk is not likely to fall out. However, with persistent shaking (thanks Camden) it is possible.

Washing & Care

Obviously you shouldn’t put the chalkbook in the washing machine. You’ll have to spot treat any tidbits of food or other globs of childhood goodyness that happens to find its way to the chalkbook. To clean the chalkboard part you can wipe with water. I used my Miraclean cleaner. Here are pictures from before and after cleaning.



-Other Products Offered by Michiko Baby-

Michiko Baby and more specifically Michiko Kids has a lot of fun products to offer. Here are some pictures of a few of their other products. All of the products have customizable fabrics.

pintsizepagePint Size Duo Baby Carrier

img_6252-1Crayon Roll

markerrollMarker Roll

img_6568Color on the Go


Kim also has gift sets with matching items available on hyenacart at “Tied Up With Strings”. Currently she has a custom Christmas slot, a children’s gift set and also a stocking stuffer set.

You can also see the available fabrics for Michiko Kids at this link:


Wrapping It Up

-Suggestions, Observations & Wishes-

I would love to see a flap of some sort, maybe secured with velcro or a snap, that goes over the chalk so little monkeys like my daughter can not shake the chalk out of their chalkbooks.


I think simple innovations like the chalkbook are fabulous. For me it is a “why didn’t I think of that” type of product. I love how compact it is and what a simple joy it provides for keeping little hands busy during tedious waiting periods. We were able to utilize ours in a long line at the post office as well (sorry no pic). It is moments like these that having something like the chalkbook becomes priceless.

The Basics-

Company Name: Michiko Kids

Product Name: Chalkbook

Price: $18.00

Where to Buy: www.michikobaby.com

Where to find gift sets: http://hyenacart.com/TiedUpWithStrings/


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