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Kim, from Michiko Baby, is offering an exciting giveaway where you can win a Michiko Kids product of YOUR choice with completely customizable fabric. Fabric choices are HERE. What a fun way to kick off the Holiday season! To see all of the Michiko products available please go to the Michiko Baby website here:


To read our own experience with the Michiko Kids Chalkbook please read our full review HERE.

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What is the most memorable art moment you’ve had with your child?  For those of you without children or those too young to do art yet what is the most memorable art moment from your own childhood? Was it a love/hate moment? Was it messy? Did someone get into something they weren’t supposed to? Do you still cringe when you think about it? There is no wrong answer here. Have fun!

For me, thus far, my most memorable art moment with Camden is somewhat twofold. The one that sticks out to me the most is when I was trying to get her comfortable with the sensation of fingerpainting. She was very timid to touch the paint and so I encouraged her to explore it and have fun. This was the result:


My second most memorable moment was when we were putting up the fence at our house in Pasco, Washington. We were putting the fence polls in the ground and surrounding the poles with cement. We saved the leftover cement and had Cami push her hands into the wet cement. We made two of them and coined them as “Cami Stones.” Recently, we moved away from our home and moved back to Bellingham and we sadly realized that we’d left the Cami Stones behind in Pasco. Luckily, my friend Emeth was able to go back to the house and retrieve them for us.

Contest will close on: Sunday December 14th at 11:59pm. Winner will be announced Monday December 15th.

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  1. Sally Jackson · December 14, 2008

    We went to a Christmas party at an old, abandoned sheep-shaving cabin. It was lit by fire-light, and the atmospehere was peace and cheeriness.
    Santa Claus was there and all the kids were given a quill with ink to write a letter to Santa. While all the kids were quickly trying to squiggle out all the toys they could think of while dipping and re-dipping their quils, our 3 year old son was making circles. Why was this so memorable? Because he didn’t really care about a list of toys, he was fascinated by the medium of old-fashioned ink on paper. He was lost in the ancient art of painting with feathers. He walked away so proud of his creation. And I was proud, too.

  2. Erin · December 11, 2008

    My 8 week old isn’t doing art projects yet, but my siblings and I used to cover our driveway with elaborate chalk towns & people.

  3. mommyof3 · December 11, 2008

    Hand Turkeys for Thanksgiving. Very cute. Bari

  4. Beth · December 11, 2008

    I have to say mine was recently when I was helping my oldest, 9yrs old, do her “Student of the Week” poster for school. It was the first time she could draw everything and write everything by herself. And my favorite part was after it came back home – when I saw something I had missed. Under “My Hero Is…” she put “My mom.”

  5. Emeth Hesed · December 10, 2008

    My mother and her brothers are very artistic and can reproduce anything in real life on paper and their father was a world-famous artist so she kinda figured all her kids would be able to pick up a pencil and paper and sketch like she and her brothers did.

    Well, we all got my dad’s stick-figure-drawing genes and can’t draw worth squat. My whole childhood I felt awful for not being able to sketch or draw and I grew to avoid anything that smacked of art.

    Now I love photography (not that I’m any good at it, LOL) and am finding some artistic expression there. All those art lessons are paying off a little bit when I think of composition and color, etc.

    I want my kids to enjoy drawing and not be afraid of art or expressing themselves artistically in whatever way they choose to later on.

    Great pic of Cami! :)

  6. holli jo · December 10, 2008

    My four-month-old is too young, but I’m excited to find out what artistic things he will create!

  7. Robin · December 10, 2008

    We’ve had some great memorable art moments and a few I would like to forget. One of the memorable – in a bad way – art moments involved green foamy soap used to “paint” the bathroom counter and mirror…

  8. Jenn Burns · December 10, 2008

    Asher’s been on an “artist” kick lately so i’ve got a few, but one of the sweetest (in a sad sort way, lol) was blogged about here. :)


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  10. cindy · December 9, 2008

    the most memorable art moment with my child was when he was three and painted a beautiful angel despite never having seen them before (whe had no angel books and don’t have t.v.)

  11. Shilowe · December 8, 2008

    My most memorable with my daughter is when she first started water coloring. She made these beautiful watercolor pictures that we now have framed. I knew she was gifted, lol!

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  13. Sam · December 8, 2008

    My children are 14, 12, 6, and 4. My most memorable art moment was a couple of years ago when I put big rolls of paper on the floor and let them all decorate. I really love to watch them all interact with each other and watch their individuality come out in those moments.

  14. Angela · December 8, 2008

    My most memorable is last year at my daughter’s school, we made gingerbread houses with ol dmilk cartons. My son was only 2 and really wasn’t into arts and crafts but totally loved helping sissy made her house in her class room. He mostly helped by eating the gumdrops but loves to help *paint* the house with the frosting. Now we have made it a tradition each holiday to make little houses at home.

  15. Lisa · December 7, 2008

    Painting Grandma and Grandpa’s Christmas gifts has to be the best art moment. We just let him go at it.

    A little messy, but not too bad. :-D

  16. Karen · December 7, 2008

    At eight months, Aria’s too young to have had any “art moments”, but I can recall one from my own childhood. One day I drew a “giant” on the outside of the house with crayons. When my parents saw it they were mad, and wanted to know who was responsible. I lied and said my younger sister, Lisa, had drawn it. But my lie was exposed when they noted that the word “Giant” was written across his chest, and Lisa didn’t know how to write yet! Yes, I was in trouble, and had to work hard to wash it off.

  17. Brianne S. · December 7, 2008

    Kaylin isn’t into art much. She loves to hold crayons but will barely make a mark on the paper. When we pick her up from nursery at church I have to look at her papers very closely to find the tiny little marks she has made with the crayons. I guess my favorite art moments with her have been when she actually has made marks on cards to relatives.

  18. Shelby · December 7, 2008

    My artist spark was put out when I was very young, but Reece is a blooming artist. She is always drawing on little bits of paper or her bedroom walls or door. My most memorable moment with her was when she drew a picture and ran out of tape to tape it to the play room wall. She came to me very pround and stated “Look Mommy, I ran out of tape so I IMPROVISED, I used glue!” She used her glue stick to glue a picture to the wall. I was so impressed so used improvised, and correctly, all I could say was great job, and I love your choice of words. Ha Ha.

  19. helen · December 7, 2008

    my most memorable art moment was when i changed schools in the middle of 4th grade. my first day at my new school i learned how to draw a tree. it was really an amazing moment for me to be able to produce something that actually resembled what it was meant to be. i was not and am still not a “drawer”, but i do enjoy trees very much, and it is my favorite thing to draw when i do make the effort.

  20. jessica lee #2 · December 7, 2008

    my son is also very timid when i comes to art and paint etc…he would much rather drive trucks around and dig in the dirt (though he doesn’t do that messy either…always with tools and he barely gets dirty)…my favorite “art” moments with him is when he helps me cook..mixing ingredients…especially when we do something that requires squishing with our hands….so even though i didn’t give birth to a multi-media artist like myself, we still find ways to have similar experiences…j

  21. Kim · December 7, 2008

    My most memorable “art” moment was when my 2.5 year old somehow got a marker from somewhere. I was in the office getting some work done while I thought he was watching a movie. I came out to the kitchen to check him only to see marker all down the wall. I got into the livingroom to see a quite content little boy- with marker in hand, and a FULL HOUSE masterpiece. He had colored my leather couch, TV, coffee table, all my kitchen cabinets, and the hardwood floor and tv stand. I nearly cried. Thank goodness for bleach, it got ALL of the marker off every part of my house. I couldn’t believe it. We now keep the markers much higher up in our house LOL. When I asked him why he colored all over the house he said he wanted to make it pretty. I couldn’t stay mad at him then ;)

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