Reuben Christopher – Leg Warmers & Hair Clips


Reuben Christopher

– Hair Clips & Leg Warmers –

Reuben Christopher is a company that is run by a husband/wife team, Kurt and Jennifer. Their store is named after their son, Reuben Christopher. Jennifer makes all of the felt items and does the cutting and pinning and Kurt does all of the sewing. They offer a wide variety of items including: hair clips, leg warmers, burp cloths, felt food, wipes, scarfletts, has, etc.

The Scoop


We reviewed a  pair of toddler leg warmers and three hair clips.

Toddler leg warmers are a homemade version of “babylegs” a type of multi-use leg warmer that can be used in many different fashions. They are used for crawling babies to protect little knees, on girls under skirts and dresses to keep legs warm and even on older children as arm warmers and fashion statements. The leg warmers are made out of high quality knee socks that are then converted to leg warmers. These leg warmers are the same length as a standard pair of babylegs. The only difference is that the cuff widths are wider so that they fit larger thighs or chunky babies better than babylegs do.

The hair clips are hand made clips made out of felt, ribbon and other items.




The Crunchville Experience

Camden, being a very “girly girl” type of girl was extremely excited to see the colorful rainbow leg warmers and assorted hair clips. She couldn’t wait to put them on. She decided she wanted to wear them to her cousins Birthday with one of her skirts. Here are picture of her with them on before the party. She got lots of compliments on them at the party and another little girl liked them very much. I forgot to bring my camera with me to the party.



After putting on the leg warmers Camden couldn’t wait to put on the hair clips. She loved the flower clips and chose the blue flower to wear to the party.



Here she is ready to go to the party with both the leg warmers and her hair clip (she also found a necklace that matched – she likes to match).


On another occasion she wanted two of the flower clips in her hair at the same time…she also refused a serious picture. :)


Mikayla loved the leg warmers too. She wanted to use them on her arms which is another way that these style of warmers can be used and are becoming quite the fashion accessory in many schools for little girls. Here are pictures of Mikayla wearing one of the flower clips and the rainbow warmers.




Both girls absolutely adore the hair clips and the rainbow leg warmers. I loved that the clips were simple enough and easy for the girls to do by themselves. They have been sturdy enough for constant use by my three year old who loves to reposition them every few minutes or so.

-Washing & Care –

The leg warmers can be washed with your regular laundry and dried in the dryer. To avoid color bleeding they should be washed on cold or with like colors if washed on hot.

The hair clips can be spot cleaned, if necessary.

-Other Products Offered by Reuben Christopher-

Here are just a few of the many other items that are available on their website.

springfreshssSoap Sack (shown with soap next to it to show size)

springfreshss_2Soap Sack (with soap inside)

boy2bcBurp Cloths

johndeerecwCloth Wipes


Felt Books

Wrapping it Up

-Suggestions, Observations & Wishes-

I noticed that when I was putting the review together that there was a small hole in the leg warmer along the seam. It appears that the stitching either came undone or that it missed part of the seam. We hadn’t noticed the hole until that moment. I contacted Jennifer about the defect and she was very quick to apologize and sweetly offered to replace it. I think what I love most about dealing with small businesses is the level of customer service and care that is given when a problem does arise. I can assuredly say that despite the flaw with the leg warmers that I would buy products from Reuben Christopher any day because I know that if a problem did arise that it would be taken care of quickly.

-I think it would be fun to see some gift sets that had leg warmers with matching/compatible hair clips. We loved how the hair clips that we received went very well with the rainbow leg warmers. I do think the hair clips should still be available for individual purchase but it would be fun to see some pre-matched sets as well.

-I’m not sure how HyenaCart works exactly but I found the site to be somewhat cumbersome to navigate. I would prefer to be able to look at all of the items offered by Reuben Christopher to be grouped together by category (all the clips together, all the leg warmers together, etc). Not that big of a deal but still a little distracting.


We’ve really enjoyed testing the leg warmers and hair clips. My daughter has loved all the compliments and loves talking about her “rainbow legs”. She has also fallen in love with the hair clips and they have given birth to a whole new obsession for Camden who wants to wear a hair clip everyday now. They were definitely winning items in our home.

-The Basics-

Company Name: Reuben Christopher

Product Name: Leg Warmers and Hair Clips

Price: Leg Warmers $6.00 ea  and Hair Clips $1.50-$3.00 ea

Where to Buy: Reuben Christopher on the Aardvarks in Argyle Congo located on Hyena Cart. Located here:



  1. journeytocrunchville · December 9, 2008

    Yes, they are the same pair. They are very versatile.

  2. Suz · December 9, 2008

    Are the leg warmers that your big girl wore on her legs and arms the toddler ones? I’m looking at the website and wondering.

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