Baubles and Bums – Hudson Hat Giveaway!


Hudson Hat Giveaway


Angela, from Baubles and Bums is doing a very exciting giveaway! Angela is giving away a free custom Hudson Hat. You pick the size and the colors! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. These hats are so fun and will make the perfect winter accessory for you or your child.

To read about our experience with the Hudson Hat please read our full review HERE.

Share this giveaway on your own blog or other site that you frequent (make sure it is allowed first) and receive an extra entry for each website you post it on. Simply include the link to where you posted the giveaway within your comment. If you need to leave an extra comment with the links you posted it to, that is fine. The giveaway address is:

To enter the contest simply answer the question below in the comments section. Remember, there is no right or wrong answers and it does not matter if your answer is fancy or a few words. The winner will be chosen at random and is not based on the way the question is answered.

“What is your favorite thing about the winter season?” or “What do you hate about the winter season?”

I’ll go with the easy answer: SNOW! I still love the snow. I love the way it looks, I love playing with it, catching snowflakes with my tongue, hearing the crunch under my feet. All of it! I even love the distinct smell outside after a good snowfall. We haven’t had our first snowfall here yet but there may be a chance of snow this weekend or early next week and I am excited!

I also love  “The Winter Solstice Holiday Season of Lights, Joy, and Togetherness” aka “Christmas”. Since we’re not allowed to say “Christmas” anymore that is the “politically correct” phrase my husband started using a few years ago. LOL. So yeah, I love Christmas and I’m not afraid to say it.

Contest ends Wednesday December 24th at 11:59 pm. Winner will be announced on Christmas Day.



  1. Sheila S · December 23, 2008

    We are new to Laramie, WY and boy do I see lots of winter now. I love the way the light of winter looks with the snow and the Mountains especially at sunset. The colors are so vivid and hard to describe.

    I also love hot chocolate and coffee and both are wonderful in the winter. So I am growing to like winter. A little rum in the hot chocolate doesn’t hurt either. : – )

  2. Jenny · December 23, 2008

    I love love snow but here in San Antonio Texas the last time it snowed was in the 80’s. lol. I grew up in Germany – I miss my kids seeing snow & seasons. But, after a few cold days lately I am sooo glad to be able to count the cold days! The hat is absolutely beautiful – fabulous colors!! Merry Christmas!

  3. jody · December 23, 2008

    my fav thing about winter, is the first snowstorm. sitting there watching it fall and cover the trees. this year i actually took my little ones outside at night, so they could watch the snow fall from the black sky. it was really magical. and then in the morning, when you walk outside, and everything is super quiet..its like a book. the way the ice hanging off the shed glitter…

  4. Andrea · December 22, 2008

    There are too many favorites to pick just one for the whole winter – but I do love the look of fresh fallen snow on the trees. Something about everything being blanketed in fresh white clean snow is just amazing. …then the snow plows and cars go by and it’s all brown and just not that amazing… but yeah, fresh fallen snow is my answer :)

  5. Rebecca · December 22, 2008

    I LOVE spending time with my family. We don’t always get together as much as we should, even though we don’t live that far away. The holidays is just the “excuse” we need to get together and reconnect.

  6. Nicole C. · December 22, 2008

    The snow is pretty, but what a mess to drive in. I love the reason for the season…our savior Jesus Christ. I love looking at all of the Christmas lights. I like drinking homemade hot buttered (without the rum!) and snuggling by the fire. Sledding is fun as long as I can go warm up…I hate to be cold! What an adorable hat! Miss you Jess!

  7. Judith Y. · December 20, 2008

    I love staying home and drinking hot tea.

  8. Duck411 · December 18, 2008

    My favorite thing about winter is the short lines at the OB/GYN office! lol. Quick in & out. One thing I hate to linger around and wait for is the “poke & prod”.

  9. Lynne · December 18, 2008

    I love sitting inside watching the snow come down! We don’t get snow here very often and I hate how it makes it so hard to get around on the roads after it’s on the ground, but watching the snow actually falling is one of my favorite things to do. :)

  10. Amy · December 17, 2008

    I LOVE the woolies and the holidays! I HATE the cold weather! Don’t mind the snow around Christmas but hate it afterwards.

  11. Sarah P · December 17, 2008

    My favorite thing about winter is snow, or at least looking at in from inside my warm home with a stocked cupboard and fridge! I grew up in Alaska and thought I could handle the cold stuff, but the older I get, the wimpier I get. So, my least favorite thing about winter is snow that sticks around for more than a day!

  12. CrunchyMamaof3 · December 17, 2008

    I love winter because I get to spend more time cuddled up in bed with my kids reading books and watching movies together. It seems during the summer its all play play play outside and when its cold and rainy they just cuddle OHHH please dont let them grow up!!!!!

  13. Jennifer · December 17, 2008

    My favorite thing about winter is that it forces a person to slow down and encourages more mindful living.

  14. Brooke T · December 16, 2008

    Least fave thing… that I have never had a White Christmas! I am from Australia, and being in the southern hemisphere, Christmas was always a beach weather affair. No hot Christmas dinner; think tropical fruit platters and cold ham, water balloon fights and swimming. Lots of fun, but when the general worldview of Christmas entails falling snow, stockings hung on the mantle above a roaring fire and candycanes used as stirring sticks in hot chocolate, well, it’s hard not to long for that. We finally made it to the northern hemisphere in 2003, but Hawaii was almost the same as Australia, even if December is technically “winter”, and now we’re in SoCal, so at least it’s cold, but there’s definitely no snow!

  15. Sara P · December 16, 2008

    The thing I love most about winter, is the snow. We don’t normally get snow where I live now but growing up we did. I love being able to get all warm and cozy inside the house with my husband and drinking hot chocolate and having no work:)

  16. Mary Beth · December 16, 2008

    Well, we don’t really have “winter” where I live (SW FL) but when I was in KY I loved the fires in the fireplace and drinking hot chocolate while snow drifted down outside. I don’t MISS it, because I hate cold weather, but I think we may try to vacation where there’s snow at some point, I bet my son would love it.

  17. Sarena Kopciel · December 16, 2008

    I love the snow but HATE the cold!! Check out my blog today!

  18. Megan · December 16, 2008

    I love time off work to spend with the family… any time off is good by me.

  19. Carolina · December 16, 2008

    I love the being all bundled up in a warm house with a nice mug of hot chocolate =)

  20. Jill · December 16, 2008

    “What is your favorite thing about the winter season?”

    I love watching my kids play int he snow. There is nothing more rewarding that waking up and seeing their faces glow when they spot the first snow. It’s so bright outside and they can’t even eat breakfast or anything before going outside. It makes me feel so warm. I love being on the East Coast for this reason.

  21. treangel · December 16, 2008

    I love wearing knits because I hate to freeze!

  22. Dawn · December 16, 2008

    I love the beauty of the falling snow, I love how it coats everything in a beautiful white blanket.

    I don’t like the wind on my face and making my nose burn, cheeks turn red and lips get chapped.

  23. journeytocrunchville · December 16, 2008

    LOL. Watch out Crystal. We have a 90% chance of snow tonight. Where I live they are predicting 3-6 inches. And it is not supposed to warm up for the entire week so I don’t think it’s going anywhere. Basically they are saying everyone is going to get some, including the Seattle area, etc.

  24. Crystal · December 16, 2008

    I absolutely, positiviely, CAN’T STAND snow…..I hate it with a fiery passion!!! Winter, cold, Christmas….all the other stuff is fine but the snow makes me MAD! Luckily we are in the Pac NW and don’t get too much of it (some years none at all)…but when we do get it, I am GRUMPY!!! And we have some right now. Grrrrrr.

  25. Jana · December 16, 2008

    I love that people seem to be in a better mood through the winter season. Everyone seems a bit more jolly and giving. I love walking in to a store and hearing the bell ringer standing next to a donations pot. I think it’s wonderful that someone will give up their time and stand in the freezing cold to ring a bell and take donations. All the while having a big smile on their face and saying ‘happy holidays’ a million times.
    And I love all the beautiful decorations and lights :)

  26. Melanie · December 15, 2008

    I love the snow. I just wish it could be 60 degrees and still snow. I hate bundling up myself and the kids. The snow is just beautiful though.

  27. Conchita · December 15, 2008

    I love that it gets chilly enough to wear sweaters and jeans. Living in Los Angeles it’s something to look forward to after the triple digits of Summer!

  28. SK · December 15, 2008


  29. Faith · December 15, 2008

    My favorite and least favorite are the same–SNOW! I love snow sooo much, it falling and playing in it and the look and feel and smell and everything. But. I hate driving in it with a passion, esp with my tiny Japanese car, lol! I don’t drive, I ice skate in my car ;)

  30. Lisa · December 15, 2008

    I’m with Shelby. My favorite winter thing is all the comfort foods that do just that…….comfort us in the chilly weather.

  31. Ern · December 15, 2008

    My favorite part of the holiday season is snow and fires in the fireplace. I love to gather around the fire on a cold day. I also love to watch the snow fall and have DH stay home from work.

  32. Mandy · December 14, 2008

    My favorite thing about winter is a snow day when you get to stay home with your family and do nothing. When I was a kid I loved to come inside from playing in the snow and my mom would make us PB&J and Vegetable soup with chocolate milk Mmmm;)

  33. Andrea · December 14, 2008

    I am originally from Costa Rica so I think the thing that drives me crazy about winter…is being so COLD all the time!!
    I keep hoping my body will adjust…My hubby is always telling me to turn the heat down…LOL

  34. Ammie · December 14, 2008

    I love snow. I love when a thick blanket of snow falls and covers everything. Everything is so quiet and peaceful. We haven’t had a good snow like that in 5 years (since I was pregnant with our firstborn) so I can’t wait to share that experience with my children.

    I really don’t like it when the snow starts to melt and just makes everything muddy and dirty. It just ruins the experience and makes everything a big mess.

  35. Ashley · December 14, 2008

    I love bundling the little ones up to go outside! they are so cute in all their layers and warm clothing. what an awesome giveaway!

  36. Jennifer R. · December 14, 2008

    What an awesome giveaway!

    My favorite thing about winter is the SMELLS. I love the smell of winter-y things – from pumpkin pie and cinnamon through pine trees and hot chocolate. Wait, most of those are food smells….OK, maybe food is my second favorite thing! :o)

  37. Lisa · December 14, 2008

    My favorite thing about winter is the snow.

    My most hated thing is the snow. LOL

    I love it when it first falls, then I am done with it.

  38. Sally Jackson · December 14, 2008

    What I hate about the Winter Season? Seasonal Depression Disorder. No matter how hard you try to be happy, you just feel blue. I’m not trying to be the grench, I just know that myself and many people get this way when the dark clouds hover for days, and the snow piles up above the rooftops. What I love about the Winter season? Going back to Hawaii to see my family!!!

  39. Joanna · December 13, 2008

    My favourite thing about the season is the smell of the Christmas tree in the house. We just put our up the other day and that smell just embodies Christmas/winter time. My husband and I couldn’t stop taking it in and the house still smells lovely.

  40. Terry · December 12, 2008

    I do not like the cold, ice, and too much snow…but I love wearing layers and sunny days with snow on the ground…and the liberating feeling that comes when it’s finally over and spring arrives! I don’t think you really, really appreciate spring and summer unless you’ve spent a winter in a place like the Midwest.

  41. april · December 12, 2008

    I love the way the trees look without their leaves – it makes me appreciate the way the trees look when the new leaves are coming out in the spring.

  42. Rachelle Patterson · December 12, 2008

    My favorite thing about the winter season is that it’s when the big family get-together holidays are :-) I love all the special foods and just getting to hang out together.

  43. Megan · December 11, 2008

    Waking up to snow and making a pancake breakfast with hot chocolate!

  44. cindy · December 11, 2008

    I LOVE sledding! I don’t like frozen hands :(

  45. Katie · December 11, 2008

    What I love about winter is Christmas. Not the rushing Santa Christmas, but the reminder every year that God loves us so much that He wants us back, and came to earth as a tiny baby and lived and died as a human to bring that about. Because of that, God knows what its like to be a baby and a little kid, to be hurt, to have your friends turn their back on you, and all the other struggles we humans go through. God knows because for a short while, God was one of us. And along that vein, I love Christmas carols. “Mary Did You Know?” is one of my favorites. Can you imagine holding God in your womb and in your hands? It is nothing short of breathtaking!

  46. Megg · December 11, 2008

    Well growing up in Michigan I know I’m a warm weather girl! Bring on the sunshine!
    So what I hate is bundling up 5 kids and warming up the gas gussling Suburban. Just to get milk.

    I also hate that when I stepped out of the truck yesterday I stepped on ice and hit the ground faster then you can say OUUUUUUCH!!! LOL

  47. jessica lee #2 · December 11, 2008

    i love the lights…all the sparkly bits all over the house and all over town…i love the smell of trees…i love the crispness in the air…and i love my heating pad!!!….

  48. Lo · December 11, 2008

    I love how my windows get crystalized, but I hate the commute to work and back in the winter!!

  49. Jenn B · December 11, 2008

    I love winter clothes! :) sweaters, cute hats, scarves. esp. sweaters.

  50. Andrea · December 11, 2008

    My favorite thing about winter is getting cozy at home by the Christmas tree and drinking hot apple cider :)

  51. Karen · December 11, 2008

    I love snow. It is so pretty, and it makes the world quiet and bright. And if it snows enough, I get to cross country ski right out my front door. What could be better?

  52. Erin · December 11, 2008

    Snow!!! And school being cancelled…

  53. Shelby · December 11, 2008

    I love winter because it’s the perfect time to slow down and reflect on the past months and eat hot, yummy comfort foods like homemade macaroni and cheese, potato soup, and fresh hash brown and biscuts and gravy. Baking cookies and decorating them with the kids. Going sledding at 9pm instead of going to bed because it finally snowed enough to go. Snow angles and rolling snow men with the kids and Mike. Getting the family together to look at smow flakes on ice cube trays on the deck….I could go on for a while!

  54. naturalmommy · December 11, 2008

    I love the hat, its adorable, im big on bundling up the kids when were out in the cold

  55. Lisa DeLong · December 11, 2008

    My favorite thing about winter is all the holidays that come in the winter season as well as hay rides, bomb fires, smores, and fireplaces. I am not much of a fan of snow it is gorgeous coming down,but it is a mess to deal with.

  56. AmberDawn · December 11, 2008

    My favorite thing about winter is looking forward to Spring, when I feel myself suddenly coming alive, full of enthusiasm and energy once again. For now, I hibernate, and hope to take my kids sledding at least once this winter.

  57. Emeth Hesed · December 11, 2008

    All my Twitter and Facebook friends will get that. That’s over 200 people.

  58. Tabitha · December 11, 2008

    No fair, Kim! Now I can’t tweet this one. ;-) Oh, put it on your blog, too!

    For me, my favorite thing is focusing on Jesus and the miraculous gift of joy he can give anyone that asks for it. It’s free-He already paid the price.

    Then the next thing is when the ground is frozen in those little bumps-and when you walk they crunch! Oh, and when cold, frozen tree limbs clank together. Frost on tree branches. Have you ever had your hair freeze? That’s neat, too!

  59. Brianne S. · December 11, 2008

    Snow (good and bad :-)). Now we just need to get some.

  60. Emeth Hesed · December 11, 2008

    Tweeting is a good idea! I’m gonna go do that.

    My favourite thing about winter is how much more time I would spend with my own family and extended family. Every since I can remember, from childhood all the way up to a couple years ago, winter was the time for Christmas and New Year’s, the biggest holiday in Japan and China. People take a week off work and spend time eating and playing with family. We would all go to my grandmother’s house and play with my cousins every day.

    Now, winter is a time I spend with my husband and kids, which is great, of course, but I miss my family horribly.

    Winning a hat would make me feel a lot better. LOL.

  61. Kimberly Borgeson · December 11, 2008

    I tweeted your giveaway on TWITTER. My username is KDBorgeson. Now thousands will know! :-) Guess that severely decreases my chances of ever winning anything! ha ha.

  62. Kimberly Borgeson · December 11, 2008

    I’m another SNOW LOVER! I love the cold, crisp air and darker days! I love the lights and cheerfulness of the Christmas season.

  63. mommyof3 · December 11, 2008

    Love the snow. Hate the snow. Bari

  64. valarie · December 11, 2008

    what a fun hat! I love the snow the first few times. It gets a bit old by March.

  65. chandra · December 11, 2008

    What I love about winter is the cold and the Christmas lights. I love everything sparkly with white lights, the tree in my house, the Christmas cookies, the parties at church and with friends. I love the planning, the Christmas cards that come in the mail, the mood people are in, well, I love everything about winter. It is my favorite!

  66. Beth · December 11, 2008

    “What is your favorite thing about the winter season?”


    We have been in the Pacific North West for years and had a white Christmas — now we are in Phoenix – and sadly I am not seeing a white Christmas in our future!!

    BUT – we are driving to Colorado for Christmas this year!! Yay for SNOW!!

  67. Sam · December 11, 2008

    I love the colder weather and the little bit of snow we get in the Pacific NW. I love watching the girls playing in the snow, all bundled up.

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