The Coolest Dr. Kits…EVER!

I have been on the hunt for a great Dr. Kit for my kids for a very long time and I’ve never found one that I like. I think the standard plastic Fisher Price ones are cheesy. Mikayla had one for awhile and I just found it to be annoying. Well, my friends daughter received a handmade Dr. Kit this summer from her Aunt with a few real things in it and from that moment on I knew I had to make one for my kids. So I expounded on her idea and made Dr. Kits for Mikayla and Camden for Christmas. I have been spending months scouring the Internet for inexpensive but real items that they could have in their kits. Everything in the kits actually works. I am so in love with these Dr. Kits and I’m still patting myself on the back for this. I think it is one of the coolest presents ever and hopefully the kids will think so too. I made each of the girls drawstring doctor bags (wasn’t able to find any cool black doctor lookingish bags at thrift stores) to put all of their stuff in. I also bought enough matching fabric to make them some scrubs to wear as soon as I figure out how to sew something that extravagant. The bags were my first sewing attempt.

I’m still on the hunt for some neck braces, knee braces or reusable bandages. I’d also like to find some clipboards, notepads/prescription pads and I want to print out some mock “take down” sheets for the patient information. Oh, and we still need to get each of the girls a box of Band-aids.

Next year I’m planning on putting these together and selling them on either Etsy or Hyena Cart. I’ve still gotta calculate how much they cost in materials.

So, here are the pictures. I have put captions underneath to explain what everything is.

draw-string-bagsThe Draw String Dr. Bags – still need to add the cords to them

inside-of-bagInside of Reversible Bag – Hoping to find another cute coordinating print for future bags

all-the-stuff1Mikayla’s and Camden’s Dr. Kits

close-up-sec-1Left to Right:

Face mask (there are tons of these), Syringe (without needle of course), Red Tweezers,

Gauze pads, Reusable tongue depressor, Knee Hammer, Medicine Cups, two different medicine droppers

dr-kits-014Left to Right:

Cotton Balls, Stethoscope, Reusable Bandage, Digital Thermometer

Daily medicine/vitamin cases, Ear & Nose monitor with attachments, Pediatric Blood Pressure Cuff


  1. Nanis · June 6

    where did you find the medical instruments at?

  2. Deborah Waldner · November 27, 2012

    Love this are you selling these and if so where can I get one ??????

  3. Kimberly Borgeson · December 19, 2008

    Those are WONDERFUL! Great job!

  4. janice · December 18, 2008

    thats so cool. way better than the toy ones. where did you buy most of the tools?

  5. journeytocrunchville · December 18, 2008

    Sam, the link didn’t work for me but I assume it was a link for child sized scrubs right? There’s actually some very cool companies out there that sell them along with logo’d lab coats and everything…we’ve just reached our saturation level for what we’re willing to spend on them. :) Since I all ready have the fabric I figured I’d make my own. Thanks for the link!

    • Deborah Waldner · November 27, 2012

      i am extremely interested in this please let me know if they are available!!!

  6. Sam · December 18, 2008

    hey… I was just looking around cause really this is a COOL idea and I found these

  7. Beth · December 18, 2008

    ooooooooooo I like. I was JUST about to buy Morgan one at Costco — hmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. jessica lee #2 · December 18, 2008

    that is totally awesome….i love giving our real kids real stuff to explore…bravo to you…and what a great idea….

  9. Jenn Burns · December 18, 2008

    wow! that IS really cool! i fully intend to steal this idea if not next year, than the following. ;) (we’ll see if i remember)

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