Hudson Hat Winner Announced!


I know many of you have been waiting to find out the winner for the Hudson Hat and I really appreciate your patience. The truth is I was kidnapped and held in a remote location without Internet access and forced to do unspeakable things. Or it could have been that I volunteered to stay at my MIL’s house after a medical emergency to make meals and help out around the house. Either way using the Internet was close to impossible because Garrett saw to it that I never received a moment alone and the only Internet option was dial-up. *Cringe*

Okay, no more procrastinating. The winner is:

Lucky Number 13!

Lisa Delong

Lisa, please email me at to claim your custom Hudson Hat. I will get you in touch with Baubles and Bums.

The winner was chosen at random. The comments were numbered in order received (those who linked to another site received an additional entry). Then the lucky winner was chosen by going to using the integer function which randomly selected #13.



  1. Brianne S. · January 6, 2009

    That was nice that you were able to stay and help out. I’m sure they loved seeing the grandbabies too. It was probably a nice distraction for Melanie.

  2. Lisa DeLong · January 6, 2009

    Oh I am so excited I am so glad I won. I have been wanting one for along time. Thanks so much for this contest.

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