Family Randomness Review and Pictures


Ahhhh, where to begin? I hesitated to even write this post because I feel so behind. You get out of the groove and then you just sit staring wondering where you should begin. My friend Lisa suggested I scratch everything that was going to be and instead start fresh with 2009. Speaking of 2009, wow. This year will mark mine and Mike’s 10 year High School Reunion. Yikes. Lisa’s idea is very good but instead I think I will do a recap of the year in a virtual very belated Christmas card, year end letter. Whatever those things are called. I really, really meant to do one of those this year and I never did so I guess this will have to take it’s place. Like much of my thoughts…this will be completely random and very tangenty. I have such excellent english and grammar skills if you haven’t noticed. If I’ve written about it on the blog before there might be links you can click.

For what it is worth my sister-in-law, Amy, had it completely right when she said this was the worst Christmas, EVER! Now, I should first off say that it really wasn’t that awful because we have so much to be thankful for but in terms of ruined plans, stress and a retarded person that is set out to destroy our lives (that I am not allowed to mention online) it was definitely the worst Christmas ever.

So, on that chipper note. Here is the review…

The Reid (completely random) 2008 Year in Review

  • Camden turned 4 years old on Christmas Eve. Where did the time go? I can’t believe my “baby” is 4. This year she requested a Barbie Birthday Cake which is no surprise since she is into everything “Barbie” these days. Here is a picture of her cake. The frosting was made out of natural food dye since Camden is allergic to regular food dye. Her reaction when she saw her cake? “Wow!”
  • cami-birthday-etc-1291
  • When Obama was elected to office  and rumors began flying about abolishing the right to bear arms, Mike booked it over to the police station and got himself a concealed weapons permit. He is now locked and loaded. I don’t really get it myself but it makes him happy so there ya go.
  • I now have two men in my life. Well okay, two little boys. LOL.
  • cami-birthday-etc-156-copyI learned how to cook all sorts of things this year and was happy to discover some recipes that have become some of my family’s favorites. I made my first pot of homemade chicken stock, chicken pot pie, a yummy yummy alfredo and lots of different kinds of desserts. There are lots of things I want to learn how to make in 2009, including bread, scones, cinammon rolls, ice-cream, butter, yogurt, etc.
  • Camden will start going to preschool at the end of this week (possibly not until next week depending on the flooding)! Okay, that is not in 2008 but it needs to be said anyway. She is super excited. Her school is called Loving Space but she prefers to tell people that her new school is called, “Love”.
  • We moved back to our hometown of Bellingham in October. We’d been living in the Tri-Cities (specifically in Pasco) for the last two years.
  • I got a serger for Christmas. Yipee!
  • Garrett has a new love: ice-water! He has become very grabby and reaches for everything that comes even remotely close to him. I drink ice-water all day and he kept grabbing at the glass and pulling it towards him when I drank it so I finally offered him some. He was thrilled. Now whenever I even turn on the water to fill up a pot he starts wiggling and kicking his legs in excitement and anticipation. He’ll grunt at me if I don’t give him any.
  • Mikayla is in third grade now. She is starting to enjoy reading chapter books and I love being able to share the books that I loved as a girl, with her. This year we read Stuart Little and The Mouse and the Motorcycle. Mikayla’s favorite subject is math (just like Daddy) and she has had fun learning cursive this year.
  • Garrett Michael Reid joined our family on August 15th, 2008. He is our third (living) child. He was born at home and in the water and was a very big boy weighing 11 pounds 3 ounces when he was born. It was a beautiful experience that I will treasure forever.
  • dsc_3926
  • 2785433319_91cd5f1fd71
  • Camden is obsessed with all things toilet humor. Ashamedly, I only fuel the fire. Those who know me well or knew me “back in the day” know I have a pretty perverse sense of humor. I have tried to tone it down but it doesn’t help being married to Mike. This Holiday season our littlest girl learned how to change the words to songs, one of my all time favorite pastimes. The hit? “Frosty the Snow Butt.” Instead of asking the girls to stop, I pulled out the video camera and taped it. LOL. I suppose I should be a good mom and try to curb this behavior but alas, I am too immature.
  • We finally got a family portrait done! We hadn’t had a formal family picture done since Camden was a toddler. I will post the pictures when they come back.
  • Garrett took his first bath in a bathroom sink at Grandma Jeanne’s house. He also took a bath in the kitchen sink but we didn’t get pictures of that.
  • christmas-245christmas-2591
  • We had a blast going sledding on Christmas Day! Even I went sledding (all though I lost control of the sled and almost careened into Mikayla, oops)! Here are a few pictures of the girls sledding with their grandpa,  aunts and uncle and little cousin Dillon. Camden even went by herself and laid down to sled. She got the best distance out of everyone.
  • christmas-1591christmas-112
  • christmas-140christmas-160christmas-154
  • Aside from the stressful parts of Christmas this Christmas really was fun with the girls. This was the first Christmas where Camden really was excited about the whole process and she understood everything so much better. At first she decided she didn’t believe in Santa Clause but then when we went to the mall and saw the Santa at the mall her whole little world changed. She ran up to him and exclaimed, “Santa! I didn’t know you were REAL!” It was priceless. Santa assured her, “Of course I am real!” We wound up visiting Santa at the mall on three different occasions. On one of the days there were no other children to see him so she sat on his lap for a half hour while he read stories to her and talked with her. So precious. We got a cute picture of all the kiddo’s on his lap but I haven’t scanned it yet so you can instead see some of the pics I took instead.
  • 008
  • Also, Camden only asked for one thing this year for Christmas. She asked Santa to get her the “connected” barbie otherwise known to the rest of the world as the Diamond Castle Barbie. When she got to the end of  her stocking she reached inside to be sure and then when she found nothing she hung her head in sorrow and sadly (even somewhat angrily) stated, “Santa, didn’t bring me what I asked for.” When she discovered that she also had a wrapped present from Santa she was ecstatic. Here is her with her Barbie.
  • christmas-080We squeezed our family of 5 out of a 3 bedroom 2 bath 1500 square foot house with a yard and into a 2 bedroom 1 bath 1000 square foot apartment with a parking lot. Yeah, you could say we’re feeling the economic crunch.
  • I was interviewed and appeared in TIME magazine for an article about Home Birth. Once wind of the article reached our local news the local news station showed up at my door. Apparently, there was also an article in our local paper but I never got to see it.
  • timeI became an aunt again to a precious little nephew named Malachi that I have still yet to meet. Hopefully I will be getting to see him soon! He was born 2 weeks before Garrett.
  • Our family went on a fun mini vacation to Friday Harbor and took the Ferry to get there. The girls absolutely loved it!
  • 100_6321
  • 100_6322Camden has learned all sorts of neat things this year. She has ridden her bike for the first time, first bee sting, learned how to swing by herself, poured her first bowl of milk, started writing her name and all sorts of other things and has started spelling and reading simple words. She is definitely growing into quite the little girl. She is definitely the epitome of all things dramatic and princessy. She loves ballet and after her new Christmas present from her Aunt Christen she has also fallen in love with tap dancing. Here are some pictures of Camden throughout the year. These don’t go too far back because the pictures from the beginning of the year are on the computer and I’m using the lap top.
  • 2676780900_ac5b940899
  • 2678273699_d74b265186
  • 2713363996_b5564a9e60bee-sting-003camdens-first-milk-pouring-0151
  • halloween-003fall-leaves-052Mikayla is really starting to grow into a young lady. I can’t believe she is going to turn 9 in just a few short months. We are so happy to be living closer to her now so that we can be together as a family on a more regular basis. Mikayla’s reading abilities have grown a lot this year and she is gaining a lot of confidence and independence in so many areas. This year she started making her own breakfast, is learning how to cook and even rode her bike outside by herself in front of the house. Here are some pictures of Mikayla this year.
  • 2678313783_5d135ecbc92678331335_3709116e0a2679176558_df293d2278august-2008-garrett-etc-0161711Then there is little Garrett. To be admittedly honest he is the focus of my camera these days. He is growing and changing so fast and if it weren’t for this blog I probably wouldn’t be as diligent at keeping track of all of his special moments. He is only 4 1/2 months old but it all ready seems like we have done so many firsts. His first breath, first cry, first smile, first laugh, first stuffy nose, rolling over, grabbing and playing with toys, drinking water, jumping in a jumper and of course the really fun, first time puking, peeing and pooping on mommy.
  • dsc_3886dsc_39372786379868_1606c78dbc2785438239_56b34bdfe5august-2008-garrett-etc-024Look how high he held his head up at 5 days old!lisas-house-version-2-copymosaic-moon-085-copyfall-leaves-032021christmas-267garrett-rolls-over-0041
  • And just in case you aren’t sick of pictures here are some sibling and group shots from throughout the year…
  • 2678313759_1ebf35bd092679047670_463b0787af2679047698_a1c4ee72b3barretts-leg-warmers-michiko-etc-112barretts-leg-warmers-michiko-etc-094wait for it, wait for it…barretts-leg-warmers-michiko-etc-098garrett-newborn-pics-019garrett-newborn-pics-043012-copyparents-house-002parents-house-004-copyfall-leaves-042-copyfall-leaves-044fall-leaves-064010christmas-217gandc2

There was so much more that I was going to write but this has become extremely long and unfortunately I don’t think Garrett is going to sleep much longer. I suppose that is our year in a nutshell even though I pretty much left out the first six months of 2008 because I don’t remember much before Garrett was born except for being extremely huge and pregnant and hot and pregnant and really huge and did I say hot? It was 105 degrees the day Garrett was born! I look forward to blogging about our life in 2009.




  1. DenzelWTem · November 2, 2009

    Dear Friends, Happy late Halowen(: !

  2. Melissa from Pittsburgh · January 13, 2009

    Oh. I am borrowing your recipe for Homemade Chicken Pot Pie as I think it’s the best thing on earth.

    Thanks again.

  3. Melissa from Pittsburgh · January 13, 2009

    Beautiful post.

    Lovely pictures.

    Gorgeous family.

    You look fabulous pregnant.

    LOVE the cake! I need to buy those dyes!

    The Fiengold diet (no additives, no artificial colors) is so working for us. My WildChild is much less wild, and is doing so much better in school – she gets many more smiles and a lot less frowns. A smile was almost never received – now it’s the other way around.

    I just don’t know why food manufacturers have to use all of that nasty stuff.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful year.

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  5. chandra · January 8, 2009

    I’m so glad you did this…I only wish we were present in all of those wonderful events! Camden looks SO much like you I can’t believe it. Garrett is getting so big already! How jealous am I that you had snow on Christmas. It was in the 70’s here. YUK!! LOVE YOU to pieces :)

  6. Brianne S. · January 8, 2009

    Phew… what a year! I’m pretty sure I figured out who the person who shall remain nameless is. I heard some stories. Sorry about all that. I love that Camden decided that Santa is real, that was a cute story. Hopefully next Christmas will be better.

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