Garrett’s Sitting, Camdens Twirling and more Allergies

Garrett started sitting pretty well on Monday. Every day he sits for longer and longer stretches of time.



And Camden? She twirls and whirls and dances around like the princess she is. Here is her dancing and twirling like the “12 Dancing Princesses,” one of her favorite movies.


For over a month now Garrett has been developing a rash around his face and sometimes all over his body in reaction to something I’m eating. I went on an elimination diet and from that I was able to determine that it was most likely egg he was reacting to and that tummy wise he was also sensitive (though not allergic) to dairy. Sure enough we got a conclusive answer at the allergy doctor that Garrett is indeed allergic to eggs. This is a picture of one of his more minor reactions.




  1. Alison · August 15, 2009

    Whoops, you can ignore my post on today’s page (about vaccines)–we’re together on that one!

    My middle son had a severe rash all over his body, that eventually faded except for his cheeks and elbows. The dermatologist said it was a drug reaction–he had just had his 4-month shots. I tried the elimination diet, too (was also exclusively breastfeeding), but with no success.

    HOWEVER, when I took him off gluten at age 9, the rash disappeared. We did 2 challenges, and it immediately reappeared both times, so no questions there.

    I suspect that in his case, the vaccines triggered both the rash and the gluten reaction.

    I have heard a disturbingly high number of stories of babies being vaccinated in the hospital WITHOUT parental consent. Indeed, with my oldest, they came in with the papers for me to sign, AFTER they’d already vaxxed him in the nursery while I was taking a shower. But yours was a home birth, right? So I wouldn’t think that would be an issue for you.

    • journeytocrunchville · August 15, 2009


      Yes, Garrett was born at home. Has never had any vaccinations, had never had any OTC medications or medications at birth, etc. I didn’t have any antibiotics when I was pregnant, or shots, etc, etc. We eat mostly organic and non GMO foods. I was VERY careful during my pregnancy.

      Other than genetic weaknesses my guess is that his health issues were a direct result from the appendecitis I had the month before I conceived him. I went through two CT scans, one with contrast, anesthesia for surgery, pain meds, etc. I was actually pregnant (by only days) but we lost that baby. We got pregnant with Garrett the following month after that and I’m sure my body was still detoxing and unfortunately his health has been affected.

      He does have IgE mediated allergies to wheat, dairy (including casein), eggs, peanut and dog. He doesn’t eat any of these foods.

  2. journeytocrunchville · February 4, 2009

    Thanks Bethany,

    Garrett is not vaccinated, nor has he ever had any medication nor antibiotics in his short little life. I didn’t have any while pregnant with him either.

    I’m doing further research to look for a cause to his sensitivities.

    But yes, I side with you on vaccines.

  3. Ant Bethany · February 3, 2009

    Gosh, an Egg allergy!

    Be sure to research vaccines as well before a Ped visit. Listed on the package insert of many vaccines (esp MMR) is a contraindication to NOT vaccinate with that vaccine. The CDC says you can anyways but I would take the heads up from the Pharma on this one.

    My children are unvaxed and healthy. I saw your post and that was the first thing that came to mind.. So many horrible side effects including ezcema.

  4. Alison · January 21, 2009

    My middle child had rashes exactly like that, which the dermatologist said were initially provoked by his 4-month vaccines (the rashes started within 24 hours, and he was exclusively breastfed). I also tried an elimination diet while nursing him, with no results whatsoever–but fast-forward 9 years, and he has celiac.

    What tipped us off was not my own recent diagnosis, but the fact that his eczema FINALLY disappeared when I started cooking gluten-free for the family. We weren’t expecting that at all. We went back and forth several times (denial denial denial!), but every time we gave him gluten, his eczema (and tummy aches) came back, and every time we pulled him off gluten, they disappeared.

    If your little one has this, too, it could actually cause him to be temporarily sensitive to other foods, as they would not be properly digested due to gluten-damaged villi in the intestines. So you might want to look up more about it if you haven’t already.

    BTW, both children are absolutely adorable (in case you didn’t know)!

  5. Brianne S. · January 21, 2009

    I’m glad you finally figured out for sure what he’s allergic too. Hopefully you’re not too big of an egg fan!

  6. Lisa · January 21, 2009

    Hey there I found this when I was doing some searching

    “For yeast breads, I use a heaped tablespoon of potato flour (not potato starch) and a blob of soya lecithin plus a little extra liquid for each egg in the recipe. In yeast breads, the egg is acting to make the bread tender and moist, not as a binder like in non-yeast baking. Ener-G works well as a binder for cakes and things.

    In soups, I add a little whizzed tofu, and in casseroles and things I use gram flour as a binder because I don’t want the Ener-G chemically taste of baking powder.”

    Hope this helps some. My daughter has the red and yellow food dye allergies like one of your daughters so I am always on the search for safe foods or substitutes.

  7. journeytocrunchville · January 21, 2009

    Oh thank you so much Bari. Also, when you email me can you send me your address? I’ve been meaning to send you something for quite some time but I lost your address and my mommy brain keeps forgetting to email you. :)

    Also, if you have any tips for egg replacement in bread recipes I’d LOVE that. I finally found a to die for roll recipe that I LOVE but it has eggs. :(

  8. mommyof3 · January 21, 2009

    Oh, I am so so sorry! I can completely relate. Separately, I am sending you some delicious cookie recipes (sans egg!). I am hopeful that he will grow out of it. And that it won’t be a huge hassle for you to eliminate it from your diet. I have definately been there and am so so sorry. Sincerely, Your Friend, Bari

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