Happy First Birthday Garrett!!


I can not believe an entire year has gone by since Garrett was born. He is an amazing child and I feel so blessed that he chose me as a mother. This first year has been a roller coaster ride full of joy, laughter, fear, defeat, growth,  learning and amazement. Garrett still struggles with numerous food allergies and also ear infections but we are making tremendous improvements and I am learning so much on how to help his little body recover. There have been dark days where I felt that I couldn’t possibly cope with his health challenges but I realize now that in many ways these challenges have been a blessing. They have taught me so much and humbled me as well.

I made this video tonight in honor of Garrett’s first year on this earth. I can’t watch it without weeping. He is such a beautiful child with a curious and fiery little personality. I can’t put into words how much I love him. Happy Birthday Bear.

I have also added his Birth Video for those who would like to watch it again or who have never seen it before.

Reid Family Home Water Birth from Journey To Crunchville on Vimeo.

I would also like to thank Shilowe for all of the wonderful pictures she has taken of my children. I appreciate it so much!



  1. janette · August 2, 2014

    What a great story and video. I got gusgbum while im watching because you have a lovely family especially adorable baby. Thank you for encourage me to be strong. I lost my baby 2 months ago. It was our 1st baby and been 6 yrs married. I know God has a reason and a better plan. 3 days ago i went to lassen store to get RRL and i found organic RRL tea and helped me for my cramping also my lower. Much fell better. I wasn’t comfortable after I had miscarried 2 mos ago and thank God I found this tea. I’m not a drinker tea but I kike it now. I’m just continue to drink this RRL tea because we planning to get one after my 2 cycle. I hope and pray to God to send me another baby angel. God bless you and your family

  2. Alicia · September 23, 2009

    I cried! This was awesome. Thank you for sharing. It was great having you guys over. I think Mike is agoraphobic. Tell him we don’t bite and we usually have food! ;-) But I understand I’m totally the same.

  3. Alison · August 15, 2009

    PLEASE be careful with vaccines, if he has numerous food allergies and ear infections. My research over the last 6 years has convinced me that these are the kids who are at risk for vaccine reactions–and both the regular flu shot and the upcoming swine flu shot will contain thimerosal in amounts exceeding the FDA limits.

    There are physicians who will work with you on a more reasonable vaccine schedule–say, one shot at a time, and 3 months between shots, and skipping unnecessary shots, like the flu shot (considered ineffective in children and the elderly, according to JAMA and British Medical Journal) and the hepatitis B shot (one is only at risk if one is an IV drug user or engaging in unprotected sex). There are also those who recommend waiting until the child is school age before beginning vaccines, which makes sense–the doses are NOT varied per weight of the child, so an older child would be less likely to have severe reactions.

    Best of luck to you–he is adorable, isn’t he?!

    • journeytocrunchville · August 15, 2009


      I see you noticed this in another post but just to clarify for this post Garrett has never been vaccinated.

  4. Chandra · August 15, 2009

    Precious. A whole year and I’ve never met you sweet boy! I will see you in less than two months and will give you BIG hugs!! Happy birthday!!

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