So Much To Be Thankful For

Lately I have just felt so totally blessed in so many different ways. I am thankful for this beautiful town that we live in, for the wonderful and generous people in it, for my friends and family and just for the chance to experience life on this earth. It isn’t always perfect. There are certainly trials and challenges but despite all these things life is such a bountiful blessing. I feel most thankful for being able to meet so many wonderful people in various ways over the last week or two. Encounters like these remind me of how wonderful people are. They really are. I love meeting people for the first time, not just the quick hello’s, but really getting to meet them and talk with them. It’s like opening a gift. Because really, when you think about it, we are all gifts to each other. We all have our own talents, experiences and thoughts to share. I find it important to share this because I think the overall taste of society that the media tries to portray is that people are selfish, arrogant, mean and even dangerous. While I know those people do exist I believe they are an overexaggerated minority of the population. My favorite thing about meeting new people is looking for the good in them, to find what I can learn from them and sometimes what they teach me about myself.

Anyway, here is a list of things we have been up to and some of our updates.

  • First, Mike has a job again! He has been unemployed since April and so this is a huge relief. He is employed through a local union for electricians and he has been on a very long waiting list for work. We were in a pretty precarious financial position recently since his unemployment benefits just ran out and we were waiting for an extension. Luckily, he has work instead. He will have to commute to Everett which is over an hour away but it is better than no work at all. He has about 1500 hours worth of work left and then he will be finished with his apprenticeship.
  • I will be leaving in a few days to witness the birth of Emeth’s third child. I am so excited to be there and feel blessed to be a part of her birth. I can’t wait to catch up with friends there.
  • I love freecycle! We were lucky to receive a working typewriter from freecycle. I love typewriters. I love the clickety clack noise when you type. I got it mostly for the kids, especially Camden who loves to type but it’s also for me. There is something special about writing on a typewriter. It brings back memories of when I used to write stories as a child. Here is Camden enjoying the typewriter.
  • 002003Last week we had some of the most amazing weather. It was truly wonderful. Beautiful sunshine and the amazing fall colors. The kids and I had a blast going on many different “adventures” which is what we call our outings. We went to an apple orchard to learn about apple harvesting and had a great time touring the orchard. We also went to a really great park twice. Once just ourselves and the second time with another mom and her son. Here are some of my favorite pictures from those trips. 039044074104031084203205209240257003026044063084085105
  • I am still running and reaping the benefits all though admittedly I am not getting out to run as often as I’d like. Life just keeps getting in teh way. I’m making it out as often as I can though and so far my slow down hasn’t caused any weight gain. In fact, I’m steadily declining and so happy. I am very close to losing 20 pounds and I am in 2nd place in the Biggest Loser (local) contest that I joined.
  • I am reading a book called, “The Parents We Mean To Be: How Well-Intentioned Adults Undermine Children’s Moral and Emotional Development.” So far I really like it. It has caused me many hours of reflection and those are the kinds of books that I enjoy. I like being troubled. I like making myself evaluate what I’m doing and why. It’s refreshing and I have no idea why.
  • I got a new pair of running shoes today that were gifted to me. So thankful. They were much more comfortable to run in than the ones I got from the consignment shop.
  • While driving today another car “nudged” me from behind. It was so light it was hard to tell if we even made contact until I pulled forward and could tell our cars had been touching. There was no damage to either vehicle so we just kept going. But it made me thankful that all was well and that neither the kids or I (or the other person driving the car) were hurt.
  • Camden is starting to read! We’re still at the very beginning stages but it is still an amazing process to witness. She has read a few signs (not from memory) and is doing well with reading a few words phonetically with me. Our favorite books to read together right now are the Biscuit books, about a little dog. They are simple but cute books and Camden loves when I pause to let her read the word and she says it out loud. It’s a lot of repetitiveness but she loves it.
  • Another interesting thing that Camden is doing is researching snakes. It is her new fascination. We have checked out every book in the children’s library on snakes. Her favorite book is on boa constrictors. It is amazing how much of the information she is retaining and how fascinated she is by snakes. Her dad isn’t so pleased since he hates and fears snakes and found it hilarious when Camden was flipping through one of the books and said, “ohhhhhhhhhh, cuuuuuuute! Baby snaaaakes!” LOL. She is also busy learning about skunks and grasshoppers. Two other animals she wanted to learn about.
  • Garrett is a ball full of energy. He keeps us laughing and makes me wonder how I am going to survive the toddler years sometimes. He is getting taller which is making life more challenging for me. He tries to get to our food which is tough because a lot of it could really make him sick because of his allergies. I just can not believe how fast they grow. He is starting to sign and talk a lot more. He has started saying Camden all though it is more of a two-syllable grunt but he’s consistent and that’s what counts. LOL. He turned 14 months old yesterday.


  1. Alicia · October 30, 2009

    I like snakes too! Tell Camden one time this guy picked me up for a date and I was thinking to myself “my date has the most weird scarf I’ve ever seen” and then the “scarf” starting slithering up the window while we were driving away. Yikes! Btw, this dates nickname was “Wolf.” I just have so many awkward dating experiences it’s crazy. I love the fall pictures and my favorite is the hand picture with the stones. That is so cute. Come see me I have a huge bag of clothes and a big box of books for you to look at. I won’t have hurt feelings if you don’t want to take anything. Seriously. I’m just trying to lighten our load in this apartment. Thanks!

  2. Emeth Hesed · October 17, 2009

    I’m so glad to hear about how you and the kids are doing and I’m so glad Mike has work again.

    I’ve been finding a lot to be thankful for, too, though it’s more because I’m treasuring every moment because of the awful things that have been happening to people I know.

    I can’t wait to see you! I’m measuring huge but this baby still shows no signs of coming … probably just waiting for you and Lisa. :)

  3. Beth · October 17, 2009

    Its good to hear from you!! I’m glad life is going well for you – finding gratitude in the midst of yuck stuff if amazing.

    Did you ever do the EC with Garrett? I haven’t kept up very well with you blog – but I saw him wearing no diaper!

    Have a great week!

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