2009 Reid Review

2009 Reid Review

ETA:  Sorry this is coming out so late. My laptop broke right before the new year and so I was not able to access our photo’s to finish the review.

In general, I would say that 2009 was a very tumultuous and hard year for us.

Camden started preschool at Loving Space in January and shortly thereafter began having serious health issues including unexplained fevers, joint and muscle pain, lethargy, stomachaches, chest pain, etc, etc. Garrett, too, began having health issues mostly centered around serious allergic reactions but also with chronic ear infections. We were in and out of doctors, chiropractors, allergists  and naturopath offices. I spent countless hours researching their ailments on the internet. In April, Mike was laid off from work (as an electrician apprentice for IBEW) and was out of work until October (almost 7 months of not working).  Also in April Garrett was rushed to the ER after having an unexplained anaphylactic reaction to something airborne in the doctors waiting room while in my arms. Summer came and both of the kids were sent to Seattle Children’s Hospital to try to get to the bottom of their health conditions. Garrett underwent an Upper GI Series and an Endoscopy where they were investigating something called Eosinophilic Esophagitus (EE). Testing came back inconclusive. The only thing we were able to determine with Camden was chronic constipation and we decided to halt further testing for the time being since her symptoms appeared to be improving. By the end of summer Camden was no longer complaining of joint or muslce pain and seemed to regain normal activity levels for her age and temperament.  Garrett had one more ear infection in early August and since then he has remained ear infection clear (crossing fingers).

Over the summer we enjoyed little getaways around Whatcom County and Seattle. The kids and I also enjoyed a trip to the Tri-Cities to visit friends. Garrett turned one in August and Mike and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary. In August I also took on the mission of losing weight. I looked at myself in Garrett’s 1st Birthday pictures and couldn’t stand it anymore. I decided to start running and also joined a local “Biggest Loser” contest. By November I lost 20 pounds. September brought Mikayla heading back to school and going into the 4th grade. In October the kids and I took a trip to Tri-Cities to be at a good friend, Emeth’s, birth. Mike also got a call to go back to work.

The end of 2009 has brought some peace and closure to the crazy and sometimes scary beginning. It actually feels like the beginning of this year was years ago. We are blessed that Mike was able to receive work again and that the kids are happy and healthy. So that is our year in a quick recap. Next, we’ll do some more specifics with pictures because the pictures are my favorite part.

Here is our yearly family pictures. Cheesy…yes. I wish Shilowe could have done them but we had to settle for Sears. Sorry for the quality of the Sears pictures, they are scanned from the originals. These were taken just before Christmas.


There were times in 2009 where I felt like I had entered the twilight zone. A very bizarre year. Truthfully, I am thankful it is over. I am typically a pretty easy going and laid back person but admittedly I became a high strung and jumpy mom while the kids were going through their health stuff. I am thankful, however, that this year has taught me to refocus on myself. I have spent so much time and energy on everyone else in my life and not enough time taking care of myself. Exercising and losing weight has been such a positive force in my life. I am really beginning to enjoy running and all though it’s been a few months since I’ve been able to do it regularly I look forward to resuming it again as we get more daylight in the evenings.

This is one of the pictures that reeeeeeaaaaally motivated me to lose weight and it is one of the better ones.


I’m pretty sure he would appreciate me keeping this blank so I’ll keep it minimal. He discovered a new hobby in 2009 and that is guns and shooting. He got his concealed weapons permit and he has fun shooting at targets (so does Jessica but the kids make it hard for her to go). He is working down in Everett where they are building a new hospital and should be completing his apprenticeship sometime in 2010, if all goes well.


It is hard to believe that Mikayla will be turning 10 in just a few short months (February). She resides in the tween limbo land where she is still part little girl that loves to play with dolls and toys and yet she is also gradually refining herself into the more grown up things in life. She is in 4th grade and her favorite subject is still math. She is definitely my “mom’s helper” and is Garrett’s 2nd mom. She loves to dote on him and he is always so excited to see her and sometimes cries when she leaves. Her hobbies/favorite things this year have included making jewelry with beads, Littlest Pet Shop, Hannah Montana and recently Origami. It does make me sad to realize that Mikayla’s moments as a “little girl” are quickly slipping away and that she is turning into a young lady on us. Where does the time go?


Camden began the year attending Loving Space preschool which she absolutely adored. Unfortunately, she had to stop attending when Mike was laid off from work. Camden continues to be our “princess girl”. She loves all things pink and princessy. She spent most of her allowance this year on the Disney Princess Polly Pockets. Her other love is Barbies, especially the Barbie movies. Her favorites are Diamond Castle, Princess and the Pauper and The Three Musketeers. She loves to sing and perform. She received a Barbie guitar for her Birthday and loves to put on concerts for us. In an ironic twist Camden also loved learning all about snakes this year, especially Boa’s. We read many books from the library about snakes … all on her own initiative. We also studied lizards, geckos and skunks. Camden’s writing continues to improve and we enjoyed writing several books together this year. She narrates and I write. She also loves writing out Birthday cards and has made a few grocery lists for me as well as her own sporadic creations. Her reading is constantly improving and she does some reading from the beginning readers. Our favorites this year were the Biscuit books. Like the rest of the Reid’s she is drawn to the computer. She loves to spend time on playhouse disney and starfall as well as play computer games that we have rented from the library. One of our favorite video series that we experienced this year from the library was a series called “Families Around The World.” Camden has now turned 5 and I definitely feel like we are in a time speed warp. I am enjoying all of the new experiences but would be lying if I denied that sometimes I just want to cradle her in my arms again as an infant. I know that I am going to blink and she is going to be 10 like Mikayla. She is still young enough, however, to crack us up with her still childish view of the world and her misunderstood lyrics.

Fell asleep at the computer…


Garrett is certainly doing his best to stake out his position in the family which he believes should be the “top dog”. He has no fear from his older sisters and truly terrorizes them on a regular basis. At the same time he is a sweet, cuddly little guy. He definitely goes back and forth between “Mr destructo” (as Camden appropriately nicknamed him) and our precious sweet boy “Mr Garrett”.  Unfortunately, Garrett has had a pretty rough year but is a trooper nonetheless. Despite illness, countless trips to doctors, allergists, chiropractors, ER visits and Seattle childrens hospital he still managed to keep a smile on his face and grow, grow, grow. So far this year we have discovered that he is IgE allergic to: wheat, dairy (casein and whey), goats milk, egg, peanut, sunflower, soy and dog. He has had numerous reactions to other things (some unknown) but those are his “true” allergies. We are working on healing his little body and hope that 2010 will bring some additional progress. Garrett is definitely a fireball of energy and just a silly, crazy boy. His favorite things are hammers, balls and anything of mom’s or dad’s that he shouldn’t have. He also has a love of baby dolls, polly pockets, singing barbie’s and pink girly clothes thanks to his two sisters. Garrett is also turning into a social ham and loves to make people laugh at him. He also LOVES music and instruments. His favorites are the guitar and the piano. When we are at Church he will “conduct” the hymns by moving his little fingers, it is precious. His language is coming along and he is talking more and more each month. Our favorite thing that Garrett does is a silly noise that he made up for what a “turtle” says.

Other miscellaneous pictures in no particular order:



  1. tanyetta · April 23, 2010

    Very Beautiful Family!

  2. Mike · March 10, 2010

    I love this pics! Garrett is so sweet in these pics!

  3. Brianne S. · January 19, 2010

    Cute pictures! You guys sure did have a tough year. Hopefully things will be more calm this year.

  4. Christen · January 19, 2010

    Holy cow! I can’t believe how big they are all getting! I love all the pictures! Hope 2010 is better for your family!

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