Garrett’s E.C. Progress (taking himself potty)

Garrett is 17 months old now and I’d say our Elimination Communication (E.C.) journey has been a pretty half-hearted one. I took the attitude of pottying Garrett with a grain of salt because I didn’t want any stress involved. I attempted to have the attitude of “it if works, great. If not, I’ve lost nothing.”

In the beginning I took him potty all the time and he did excellent and as a young baby he refused to poop in his diaper. As he got older he didn’t mind as much and would poop in his diaper if I didn’t get to him in time. Then around the time he started walking or thereabouts he started fighting the potty quite a bit. He was too busy and didn’t want to be bothered so I didn’t push it. I just let him go in his diaper but I would try to remember to take him when it crossed my mind.

A few weeks ago we picked up a Baby Bjorn Potty at a consignment shop and since then our potty success has skyrocketed. We all ready had a Baby Bjorn Little Potty (which is much smaller) and I like it but it’s size makes it difficult for Garrett to take himself to the potty without help because it’s so low to the ground. The blue potty we picked up is the perfect size. He backs up to it and goes.

Combining the new potty with keeping him naked from the waist down while we are at home has equated to him being “potty trained” during the day. He will completely initiate going to the potty and take himself without any assistance as long as he doesn’t have any clothes on. If he has underwear or a diaper on he will sometimes go in it without seeking me for help to get them off. I expect it will be another three to six months or so before he can reliably get his clothes off by himself to go potty. I have also noticed that since keeping him naked at home he has also started holding it better when he is in a diaper when we go out for the day or during nap.

Garrett mastering the potty has been just another reminder that my “baby” is quickly outgrowing his babyhood. So sad. But this is definitely a welcome change. He gets very excited when he goes potty and sometimes in his eagerness he tries to carry it to me (the little white part removes from the base) which has resulted in potty being dropped all over the carpet (yuck).

All though the concept and process of EC is very natural and makes total sense to me I am still sometimes baffled to watch a 17 month old stop in mid-play run over to the potty, go, and then resume playing as if nothing ever happened without any interference from me (except to wipe his bum after he’s gone poo). It’s a little amazing at times.



  1. Shauna · July 15, 2010

    I know exactly what you mean. It’s just kinda stunning sometimes, isn’t it? We did it with my son from early on, because his sister had such horrible rashes that I had been searching for something to avoid those with child #2. It kind of blew my mind sometimes!

    But for a while there, we had diapers going out of the house, especially if there were going to be moments when I might not be able to get the baby bjorn out in time, too. THat’s exactly what we used! Had a lovely little red one. :-D

  2. Casey · January 27, 2010

    Wow, that’s awesome! My 3 year old is still having potty mishaps.

    Is that Arrested Development in the background? Greatest show ever!

  3. Emeth Hesed · January 26, 2010

    Yay! I’m so glad Mr. Garretty is going by himself. I remember how what a huge relief it was with Rinah not to have to scrape poo off the diapers anymore.

    EC with both boys has gone down the drain and I’m thinking of letting it just stay that way even though we scrape poo every day.

  4. Brianne S. · January 26, 2010

    That’s awesome!

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