Do Not Buy a Toshiba Laptop

If you want to save yourself time, headache and most importantly, a costly investment then please heed my warning: “Do not buy a Toshiba Laptop!”

They have a known issue with the internal charging unit breaking off within the laptop so that you can not charge the laptop. This is faulty manufacturing and we have been told by individuals in the computer repair industry that this is a known shortcoming for Toshiba.

We purchased our Toshiba laptop in the summer of 2008 for over 1K dollars. This is NOT a $200 dollar laptop. Our specific laptop is the Toshiba Satellite model # PSLE0U-00H00J. The first time this problem occurred our laptop had just fallen outside the 1 year warranty by a few weeks. We were frustrated but figured it must have been user error and paid for the laptop to be repaired locally. Less than a month later the same issue occurred again. We paid again out of pocket to have it repaired. We thought we’d be in the clear.

It happened again in January 2010. I was FED up! Our computer repairman encouraged us to call Toshiba since we obviously had a lemon and he also informed us that he sees this in Toshiba laptops regularly. It is a known fault of their equipment. So, I called Toshiba and was happy to find that they were willing to let me ship the laptop back to them and they repaired the laptop and sent it back to me. I was one happy customer and at that point was willing to overlook the obviously faulty design in favor of good customer service.

Scratch that. What used to be good customer service.

Yesterday, on October 4th, our laptop in a complete lack of originality stopped charging yet again. So we got 10 months worth of service from the repair that was supposed to forever solve the issue.  I now have on my hands a $1000 paperweight which is completely useless. Frustrated but confident that Toshiba would pull through again I called their customer service number at 1-800-457-7777. I talked to Roy, explained the situation and he warned me that since my laptop was out of warranty I might be charged a $35 fee just for talking to him. Nice.

I explained the situation, explained it was an ongoing issue and that our laptop had all ready been sent in for a “repair and return” for the same issue. He was polite, filled out his paperwork and offered to transfer me to Customer Relations. He gave me my case # and transferred me.

I was transferred to Matthew, a case manager. He looked up our previous issue and informed me that the program that they created to repair and return laptops for this known issue expired in June 2010. So, at this point there was nothing they were willing to do for me. He would not transfer me to a superior and in fact, wouldn’t even tell me his superior’s name. I was not belligerent or rude. I was mad and firm but polite. However, I was denied any solution other than have fun on that creek ride…too bad your paddle expired.

So Matthew, if you read this at some point. Shame on you. Shame on you for willingly working for a company who disrespects the little guy. We, the little guy, make your job possible. Shame on your for working for a company that serves only it’s best interest rather than admitting fault, correcting a mistake and praying for our forgiveness as the consumers that feed their families. Shame on all of us. Shame on all of us for being willing to accept this type of treatment from companies simply because, “they can get away with it.” Why? Why should they? What happened to being able to naturally expect that a company would stand behind their products without shame and without excuse.

It is a pure coward that can hide behind an expired warranty waving it as if it is some magical get out of jail free card. What happened to quality and honor and reputation? It is both sad and frightening that with today’s technological developments that we can not produce quality items that are made to last.

There is no reason that I can justify that a $1000+ laptop should not be operating 2 years later. Not to mention this is the 4th time within those two years that a consistent problem has occurred.

Please help me stand up to cowards like Toshiba and pass on this information to everyone you know. Maybe it will save them their hard earned money. For now, I am stuck with a $1000 paper weight and a years worth of family photographs and other important documents that I am going to have to pay someone to retrieve from my laptops hard drive.

Please help me with this. Our voice is the only thing that can make a difference. Pass it on and why you’re at it…pass on Toshiba.


  1. Mark beling · March 3, 2013

    I have had issues with my Toshiba satelite from day one.. The keyboard has issues typing in one letter and getting another.. USB ports were not working from the day I took it out the box.. !
    Had it repaired by Toshiba but he whole machine seems buggy! Way to scared to use it for work,, my Hp is much older but runs rock solid.. Recently got a MacBook and never looked back… Toshiba sucks balls!!!!!!

  2. Frank · July 27, 2012

    This is nothing related to the fan. I bought this Toshiba protégé M780 and since I bought it it was freezing. I sent it to repair multiple times during guaranty period. They always sent it back to me with the same problem. After the guaranty period, they send me a box to send the machine back to them twice. They told me they would repair the machine as a courtesy. I don’t understand what kind of courtesy if they had never fixed it in the first place. After the last time they sent the machine back to me, I called support again and one of their case managers told me they were not obligated to fix it for me, since the guaranty had expired.

    At that point, I got really pissed off and it told her everything I thought about Toshiba and how unprofessional they were by telling me, they could not fix something that never was fixed in the first place. She called me a few minutes after she told me there was nothing she was going to do about it and she told me, there was something she could do about that. She requested me to send the original invoice to her and wait for her to get back to me. She never got back to me. Now I have to cold boot my machine every 3-5 days after paying over $2400.00 for this machine. I bought over 5 Toshibas before and I never had this problem. Toshiba is not what it used to be. I will definitely never buy Toshiba again.

  3. Andy · July 7, 2012

    Just bought 2 Toshiba laptops for the kids from Best Buy, and BOTH will not hold a charge. They work only when connected to power. 2 for 2. These machines are going back to Best Buy. I don’t have these troubles with my Dell’s or MAC’s — that’s what I get for trying something new. No more Toshiba for me.

  4. Julie · May 23, 2012

    Shitiba alright! I had a Satellite U500 for about 18 months of very light occasional home use then all of a sudden it started acting wierd. Would blue screen a lot, Windows Update stopped working, battery indicator showed empty all the time. It got so bad that all my programs started disappearing. It was unusable. I sent it to Toshiba to be assessed for repair (out of warranty) and they said it needed a new hard disk, CPU and battery! In other words pretty much everything but the plastic case. I opted to get it sent back unrepaired and bought an Acer instead. It is awesome and somewhat cheaper than the $1,800 Australian dollars I forked out for the Toshiba lemon.

  5. hasan · January 14, 2012

    thank you all of you and i hate sithiba too i have had a prablem with mine and never ever again for sithiba

  6. Mere · October 21, 2011

    Mac MagSafe powercords are a stupid headache and the heat their laptops produce! The heat has actually aggravated scar tissue on my thigh from a burn in my early teens.

    The continuing issues I’ve had with Mac because of mechanical and design problems have moved my husband and I to give Lenovo a shot with our next laptop (yes IBM in shiny new packaging). Glad to know about the Toshiba, we will steer clear of them! The laptop that is coming has specs that would require us to pay three times what we paid for the Lenovo if we had got it in a PowerBook. Just sayin’… Apple Tax and egotistical design isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  7. Olivia · September 7, 2011

    Invest in a Sony if you’re not wanting a Mac!

  8. treyes · August 25, 2011

    Too late for me. I got mine as a gift from my dad, Toshiba Satellite. I thought the problems were due to my ignorance of computers. Mine is slooooow, has shut down as though there was a virus(background turns blue) and was told the first time it happened I would be charged to speak to someone. So I hung up and went to Geeksquad at Best Buy where it was bought. It has continued to run slow, so I hate getting on it. That has been since 2004, and I am really ready to get a new one or just a Mac. I know the latter is an entirely different system, but everyone who’s had one loves them. Twice the battery pack has felt completely hot.

  9. Anita · May 28, 2011

    We call ours pieces of Shitoba.

  10. Manvendra Verma · March 1, 2011


  11. Chris · February 10, 2011

    Toshiba’s Motto is “Leading Innovation” … in my opinon personally, I would say Toshiba isn’t leading ANYTHING.

  12. Jeff · December 29, 2010

    This is going to be long but if you are in the market for a new laptop, I recommend you stay clear of TOSHIBA!

    I decided to upgrade to a new Laptop back in April. I have had Dell’s and an HP and they were decent. No real issues. I came across a Toshiba U505-s2002 at walmart. It is a little brown laptop that seemed rather practical. I wanted something that was compact but did not want a mini. I purchased one! I booted it up and started going through everything and it shuts down on me with an error. The computer says it has a fan malfunction and states that it needs to be returned to the depot. I thought it was just my luck. The computer got very hot before it just powered off. So the first two-three weeks of becoming a new owner of this laptop, it was at the depot “being repaired.” I thought to myself, Just my luck! I asked them to check the hard drive over since the computer did get extremely hot. They said it was ok. I got it back and it froze up on me continuously. I called and spoke to their technical support a couple times. This goes on for a couple of months. I go to turn my computer on and the screen is now rainbow! You can not see the desktop! So I once again call tech support and we discover that if i put pressure on the back of the screen, my desktop appears where the pressure is. ( This laptop sits on my desk and has never been dropped or exposed to water or any harsh treatment. It has no scratches and looks brand new.) While on the phone I cracked the screen by applying pressure to it. The tech knew this because he was helping me get a paper off of the computer that was due for class the next day. He says send it in and we will take care of it. three more weeks go by and they return my computer to me still damaged. They said it is physical damage and it is not covered. I tried to explain but decided it was not worth my time. I took my computer to a local repair shop since a toshiba one was 2 hours away. They put in a new screen and I paid for it. I was still having troubles with my hard drive freezing on the machine so i called them a couple more times. They had me download a few drivers and so called fixes and report back. Finally at 3 am while working on a 15 page term paper for a final my computer froze up and wouldn’t even boot! The technician advised me and walked me through re-seating the hard drive and memory chips. No luck. I sent it back in again. I recieved a phone call from toshiba stating that the screen was cracked and they were not going to take care of my computer under warranty! This hard drive issue started within the first two weeks of my purchase! It was because my fans were not hooked up internally from the get go. I sucked it up once again and ordered a new hard drive and was waiting for my computer to arrive back from the depot. It came alright! I took it straight to the local shop where they let me watch as they worked on it.

    First off, the screw in the hard drive was cross threaded and no in all the way and crooked. They commented on it and I saw it. I know it was not like that when i re seated it. No big deal. Easy fix. They put in a new western digital hard drive and started loading the OS. we noticed the strip across the top of my keyboard was not popped in all the way. Someone was sloppy when assembling it at the depot obviously. Once booted, The keyboard did not work at all! so they took it apart to discover they never bothered to even plug it back in. Once plugged back in the number 4 6 and space bar do not work. Seriously TOSHIBA?

    What is a 1 year warranty? I have been completely honest and it seems like they will find a way around no backing their product. I now have had to put new fans, screen, hard drive, and keyboard into a computer that was purchased late april 2010!

    Absolutely fed up with their customer service!

    I would not recommend a toshiba product to anyone and I hope this helps you in making your next computer purchase.


  13. Connie Dunton · October 9, 2010

    This is interesting, I didn’t know this about Toshiba. I have always had Compaq’s with no problems. My parents have a Dell that has been in the shop more than they have had it home. It has been a nightmare of a machine and I will NEVER recommend a Dell to anyone. Another friend finally returned her Dell after the same problems.

    Might be worthwhile to buy several of the $200 computers and just throw them out when they quit!!! I’m sticking with my Compaq!

  14. Katie · October 9, 2010

    I don’t think this is unique to Toshibas. Most PC laptops have the same faulty design and I have had it happen to at least 3 Dells. So far Macs are the only ones I’ve seen to avoid it–they have an ingenious magnetic system that negates the stress on the charging unit. This past time, I was delighted to find the following:

    24 hour turnaround, guaranteed for life, free return shipping for $100. I paid the $100 and got my laptop back within three days. The repair wasn’t cosmetically flawless, but it’s sturdy and has held up well.


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