About Me


This blog began many years ago when I was a married, stay-at-home mother of a young toddler. It was a place to gather and share my thoughts regarding a myriad of topics that interested me as a young mother. Originally named Journey to Crunchville, this blog served to reflect the journey I was taking in making parenting and lifestyle choices that were considered alternative to the mainstream. Being “crunchy,” or “granola,” were terms coined during that time.

I now find that Journey to Here is a more appropriate name for this blog. I’m no longer fixated on specific destinations or outcomes. Regardless of where we have been in life, or where we are trying to go, we forever remain here, in the present moment. The journey that we take in life, the people that we meet, connect with, and learn from are the most powerful and meaningful experiences we can hope to achieve.

My opinions on many things have shifted or evolved with age. I imagine (and hope) that the opinions that I currently hold will continue to evolve and shift and will seem foreign, in ten years, to what I say now.

Currently in life, I am navigating a balance between being a single-mother, nursing student, adventurer and volunteer.


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