Autism: Larry King Live with Jon & Terry Poling, Press Release

Larry King Live Interview with Jon & Terry

Larry King Live Discussions about the Case

Link to more video:

Here are some videos covering the Larry King Live interview with Dr. Jon Poling and his wife Terry Poling, the parents of the little girl that recently had a Vaccine Court concede her case connecting her autism diagnosis with the vaccines she received as a toddler.

Some observations:

* I find it interesting that these parents still wholeheartedly endorse and recommend the standard vaccine schedule. They admit that they are not safe for everyone but when being interviewed by Larry King they share no sentiments to parents that they should be cautious or fearful of vaccines when given in the currently recommended fashion and timetable. It causes me to wonder if these are their true sentiments or if this is somehow related to the requirements of the concession itself or if other big dollars and pressure is under these comments.

* The case was conceded before a trial was ever held. In other words, the family never had a chance to present their case to trial in May as originally designed. Then the case was sealed so that the information being presented could not be made public.

* From what I have heard two theories were being presented in the case. The first theory is that the mitochondrial disorder was a genetically predisposed disorder that was aggravated by the vaccines that the child received. The second theory was that the mitochondrial disorder was caused by vaccines, namely thimerosol. However, the case was conceded before trial even began and then the details sealed from public view. It makes one wonder if the theory they were presenting (theory 2) had such compelling evidence to suggest that vaccines itself created this mitochondrial disorder that they felt it imperative to settle the case and seal the records before it could be properly presented and therefore leaked to the public. They purport that the information is being sealed to protect confidentiality, however the parents of the child have shared that they wish the case to be made public.

*All in all, my spidey senses are telling me that there is much more to this case than has been shared. Why on earth would the government want to pay out on a case that not only undermines the vaccine industry but sets a potentially devastating precedent in vaccine court lawsuits. I smell a rat.

I mean, come on. Do you really expect parents to just roll over and swallow the whole We’ve conceded this case but vaccines have nothing to do with autism, keep on about your business. Seriously? I know there are the sheep parents that will hear these statements and accept them at face value. But how can you honestly expect parents not to be suspect of something amiss? Yes, we conceded a case that puts autism and vaccines in the same sentence. But no, you can’t look at the evidence, we’ve sealed it. Don’t worry this doesn’t affect you or your children. Keep on vaccinating. Nothing to look at here. Trust us, we’d let you know if vaccines were a danger.


A Little Beatles Fan

Little Camden really, really likes the Beatles. She usually doesn’t want to listen to anything else except for my Greatest Hits Beatles CD. She has been singing the song “Yesterday” for awhile and I finally got it on video so I could upload it. There is a second video with her singing her two new favorite Beatles songs “Yellow Submarine” which she just repeats over, and over and over and over and over and she also likes “Hey Jude”.

I’ve been trying to teach her Christmas songs but she pretty much insists on the Beatles. LOL.

The Gap – For Kids By Kids


Gap has recently fired an Indian company that was accused of using child labor to make Gap clothing. The clothing in question were hand stitched blouses which were to be sold in the U.S. just in time for the Christmas season for about $40 a blouse.

This is not the first incident Gap has had with manufacturer’s using child sweatshop labor. In fact, in 2000, Gap came under fire when a BBC documentary uncovered young girls making Gap products in Cambodia.

These children are rounded up from local villages and sold by their parents into the sweatshop labor industry. They are sold to the company’s they work for. There are children as young as 10 years old working 16 hour days with no pay.

The following movie clip is a satire.

Information on the Cambodia Bust.

What You Can Do:

Clean Clothes Campaign

Consumer Advice

Global Exchange – Anti Sweatshop Campaign

Computer Cami


Cami has learned how to use the computer. When I say “use” the computer I mean so in a productive way. She has, for quite some time, been capable of walking over to the keyboard and randomly pressing various keystrokes which inevitably puts in motion the certain destruction of any saved data we view as precious. Because of her uncanny ability to create computer chaos I have been hesitant in letting her use the computer but I decided to give it a whirl since she is so fascinated with it.

We started with Starfall which is a free site that is geared towards the alphabet, pre-reading and reading. Teaching Cami to use the mouse was a little difficult. She wanted to right click on everything but the most difficult part was getting her to look at the monitor and not her hand to direct the mouse. I would tell her where to move the mouse to and she would look at the mouse while she moved it around – not real productive in gauging distance on the monitor.

I finally came up with the idea to change the mouse icon to something of interest to her. So, I changed our mouse icon to a walking cat. She loves it. Now I can tell her to walk her kitty to point “x” and she finally would watch the mouse icon and not the actual mouse in her hand. She now goes to starfall nearly every day.

We are hoping to find a very used computer for her soon. Something that operates but is from another millenium. In other words, something free. All though I want her to be able to use the computer I’d rather not have any more mysterious emails sent out without my consent and I’d prefer to keep all of our family photo’s intact. Wish us luck. Here is a little video of her using the computer. Sorry if it is boring. :)


The Bedtime Song

Ok, so this is not AP (attachment parenting) at all, but it is pretty darn hilarious nonetheless. I especially laughed at the part about having the living daylights scared out of him by opening his eyes to see his daughter. Cami has done that to me lots of times.

The Bedtime Song

A Budding Beautician

Camden’s First HaircutCamden’s First Hair Cut

Well, truly it was bound to happen. I would have been deluding myself had I not known that the possibility was out there given that we keep scissors at her craft table. Yesterday, my precocious two year old decided that her hair was too long. She bounded over to me while I was retrieving something in the garage with a large lock of hair.

“Look Mommy! It was too long”

“What is that?” Not quite sure what she is holding.

“Look, it’s my hair. It was too long!” Proudly holding out her specimen.

Starting to understand what is going on. “Camden, how did the hair get off your head?” I’m looking all over her head to see where it came from.

“It was too long.”

“Yes, I hear that it was too long. How did you get the hair off your head?” Still looking for where the missing hair came from.

“I used the scissors and cut it!” she said beaming with pride.

Trying to stifle a laugh. “We don’t cut hair with scissors. You can only cut paper with scissors. Only mommy’s and daddy’s cut hair.”

“I wanted my hair short like daddy’s”

“Your hair is beautiful. When you are a grown up you can cut your hair short.”

That was about how the conversation went. I took her inside and promptly had her hold out the hair for some photo’s and a video clip on our camera. Might as well salvage the moment with some photo’s. LOL. I am just so thankful that she didn’t cut a real obvious piece of hair and that she was proud enough to come show me the first piece. Aye aye aye I shudder to think of the damage that could have been done. ;-)

Needless to say the scissors have gone up and away for a few days.

The Video: