Hudson Hat Winner Announced!


I know many of you have been waiting to find out the winner for the Hudson Hat and I really appreciate your patience. The truth is I was kidnapped and held in a remote location without Internet access and forced to do unspeakable things. Or it could have been that I volunteered to stay at my MIL’s house after a medical emergency to make meals and help out around the house. Either way using the Internet was close to impossible because Garrett saw to it that I never received a moment alone and the only Internet option was dial-up. *Cringe*

Okay, no more procrastinating. The winner is:

Lucky Number 13!

Lisa Delong

Lisa, please email me at to claim your custom Hudson Hat. I will get you in touch with Baubles and Bums.

The winner was chosen at random. The comments were numbered in order received (those who linked to another site received an additional entry). Then the lucky winner was chosen by going to using the integer function which randomly selected #13.


Baubles and Bums – Hudson Hat Giveaway!


Hudson Hat Giveaway


Angela, from Baubles and Bums is doing a very exciting giveaway! Angela is giving away a free custom Hudson Hat. You pick the size and the colors! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. These hats are so fun and will make the perfect winter accessory for you or your child.

To read about our experience with the Hudson Hat please read our full review HERE.

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To enter the contest simply answer the question below in the comments section. Remember, there is no right or wrong answers and it does not matter if your answer is fancy or a few words. The winner will be chosen at random and is not based on the way the question is answered.

“What is your favorite thing about the winter season?” or “What do you hate about the winter season?”

I’ll go with the easy answer: SNOW! I still love the snow. I love the way it looks, I love playing with it, catching snowflakes with my tongue, hearing the crunch under my feet. All of it! I even love the distinct smell outside after a good snowfall. We haven’t had our first snowfall here yet but there may be a chance of snow this weekend or early next week and I am excited!

I also love¬† “The Winter Solstice Holiday Season of Lights, Joy, and Togetherness” aka “Christmas”. Since we’re not allowed to say “Christmas” anymore that is the “politically correct” phrase my husband started using a few years ago. LOL. So yeah, I love Christmas and I’m not afraid to say it.

Contest ends Wednesday December 24th at 11:59 pm. Winner will be announced on Christmas Day.

Baubles and Bums – Hudson Hat


Hudson Hat


Baubles and Bums specializes in selling gorgeous yarn, hats and wool cloth diaper items. The company is run by Angela, a mom to 3 beautiful children. All of the items are hand knit by her and can be custom made to order.  We tested out a Hudson Hat for Baubles and Bums.

The Scoop

If you have not yet heard of the Hudson Hat be ready to get caught up in the “gotta have it” craze. The Hudson Hat aka the scrappy pattern is one of this winters hottest items. The Hudson Hat is a licensed pattern by Ky Baby Knits and only a handful of retailers are licensed to make them. Baubles and Bums is one of those retailers.

The Crunchville Experience


We had the opportunity to have our Hudson Hat custom made. Angela showed me pictures of all of the different yarn and I was able to pick my favorites from what was available. I was somewhat nervous about this process because I don’t always have an eye for discerning what looks good together until it is all ready done but I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. Angela was also great with communication and kept me informed of the process the whole time. She even sent me a few sneak peek pictures which was so fun.

I love how the colors came together and Camden adores the hat as well. She wears it all the time and I find her wearing it inside sometimes just because it is “pretty.” On a more practical note, the hat works great in keeping her head nice and warm and the design of the Hudson hat keeps her ears warm too.

And since a picture is worth more than a thousand words here are pictures of Camden in the Hudson hat. She has a child sized Hudson Hat.


Front View

073Back View

087Action Shot


Even thought the Hudson Hat was custom sized for Camden’s head and fits her perfectly, it is very versatile in its sizing. The hat fits my nearly 9 year old step-daughter equally well and I can even wear it. Here are some pictures of Mikayla wearing the Hudson Hat. I had a tough time getting enough lighting with these pictures but I hope you are able to tell how forgiving the hat is, size wise. It makes me happy to know that this hat will fit Camden for years to come. In fact, even my friend Shelby tried on the hat and it fit her head (sorry no picture).



Other Products from Baubles and Bums:


3025873033_01622fb4bfAnother Yarn Example

3083318049_119cb42c06_mKY Scrappy Hat

3011714349_9838867ffb_mLTK Pilot Hat



1526254756_2cc138c8daNewborn Longies and Hat set

To view pictures of all Baubles and Bums products go her Flickr account here:

Fairy Blue

Wrapping it Up

-Suggestions, Observations & Wishes-

-I think the Hudson Hats are just gorgeous. However, some people would consider them very pricey. I think it is important to keep in mind the volume of yarn that it takes to knit one (100-300 yards or worsted weight yarn), that they are hand knit and that they take many hours of time to complete. Not to mention that they are 100% unique. Another benefit is that if you are not buying an infant sized hat, chances are that the Hudson Hat would fit your child for many years.

-All though my daughter is too old for these I think it would be fun to see matching longies and Hudson Hat sets for infants. I think it would make an adorable outfit.

-The current website makes it difficult to view the large variety of products that Baubles and Bums creates and there are not many pictures on the site. Most of them are on the Flickr account. I’d love to see a list of the types of products available as well as pictures of each item on the Hyena Cart. I think this would go a long way.

-I also think it would be of benefit to create a Hyena Cart or regular website for just Baubles and Bums. The Congo could be maintained for additional exposure but I think it is better to have your own website.


I am so very pleased with our Hudson Hat. It is well made and I love knowing that it was made by hand. The snooty part of me loves that it is unique. Both girls love wearing the hat and Camden has received lots of compliments on it when we have gone for walks. What tops it off for me is how friendly Angela is and how well she keeps up the communication.

For those of you that would like to save money on a Hudson Hat, Angela also offers the option of you sending in your own yarn and her knitting the Hudson Hat for you. If you know how to knit and have the time to do so you can also make your own by buying the pattern from Ky Baby Knits (the company that holds the patent on the Hudson Hat pattern). Link provided below.

-The Basics-

Company Name: Baubles and Bums

Product Name: Hudson Hat

Cost: Prices on the left are if she makes the hat with her yarn, prices on the right are if you send in your own.

Newborn, 0-3 months, 12″ – $35/$25

Infant, 3-12 months, 14″ – $40/$30

Toddler, 1-3 years, 16″ – $45/$35

Child, 4+ years, 18″ – $50/$40

Adult, 20″ – $60/$50

Where to Buy:

Baubles and Bums:

To Examples of Baubles and Bums products:

To Purchase a Pattern: