I Need You to Know That I Loved You.


I need you to know, more than anything else, that I loved you.

I was so scared. I have never known fear as great as the day I found out that you would be coming to this world. But I loved you. So much. I still love you and I will always miss you.

There were so many things I wondered, worried and agonized over. Almost every waking moment, and many of my sleeping ones, I ran over every possible scenario that I could think of. How much of that did you feel? How much of my stress caused you harm? Could you feel my love too?

Never have two little pink lines been so terrifying. I am so sorry that there were no tears of joy and squeals of laughter. All babies should be welcomed that way. You weren’t any less beautiful, miraculous, or amazing. I was so angry when I realized I was pregnant. Not at you, or because of you, but I was angry at how it could be possible for a responsibility and a privilege so great to be given to someone like me, who had no way of providing, protecting or loving you the way that you deserved. The way every beautiful, precious, miracle of a baby deserves.

Your amazing beating heart flickered there on the screen for me. It was weak and you were small but you were fighting. You lived, if only briefly. I wanted not to worry. I wanted to be joyful but instead there was just gut wrenching fear.

How do I explain who your father is? What he is? Where he is? What he did? How do I conceal that you even exist to protect you? The world is small and eventually he would have found out…how do you trust a broken governmental system to protect the most vulnerable among us? How could I provide for you? How could I walk away from you every day to leave you in daycare? How would I afford daycare? How do I face each day, being the mom you need, stretched too thin, with no financial resources? How do I deserve you? How will it feel for you to watch your siblings leave to go see their father and you won’t have one to go to? What will you say? How will I explain it? ¬†Will my love be stronger than the pain he caused? Am I a good enough mom? How will I afford any of this? How do I face my fears, acknowledge them, and let them go? How do I trust that the world will be here for us when the world has felt so dark?

Darkness. Everywhere things just feel dark. How could all of this happen? What did I do to deserve this? How do you keep faith in humanity when things keep going wrong. Consistently, irreparably wrong? I have always been a positive person. Looking on the bright side. Trusting the good in people. In the world. Little by little, the world is changing me. How do I stop it from changing me? How do I stop from becoming dark myself?

I tried to be brave for you. To think of the beautiful birth you would have. Would you be born wide awake and curious like your sister? Huge and quiet with one eye open like your oldest brother? Or would you sleep through a fast and furious birth like your youngest brother? I imagined wearing you in a wrap and nursing you. I imagined rocking you and holding you and our quiet days together, when your siblings were with their dad.

Were you the little girl we’ve all been hoping and waiting for? The sister that’s been longed for? Were you going to teach me that I am stronger and braver than I give myself credit for? Would you show us with your beautiful smile, your sweet grasping hands, those deep soulful eyes, and that indescribable baby smell that despite the darkness in the world, that each amazing, beautiful life possesses the power to bring meaning and light?

I will never know the answers to those questions. Your little heart stopped beating and you, my brave, sweet baby, with your short powerful life, will leave me forever wondering about you. Missing you. Loving you.

I am thankful that you have been spared the fears and possibilities that I agonized over. I am grateful and relieved and yet pained with guilt, remorse, pain, and loss. But above absolutely anything else… I love you.



Because it needs to be said

Again and again and again.

The rampant cases of sexual abuse in our country is a very close topic to my heart. I feel it is the preference of most people to look at the issue with glazed eyes and then turn away. No one wants to talk about it. No one wants to deal with it. We just want it to go away. It doesn’t work like that. I don’t have any magical solutions but I know it needs to be talked about in order for any type of headway to be made. With that being said here is an article that is both disgusting in its implications but not shocking to me in any way.

Within the article, a lawyer mentions that she believes there is at least one sexual abuse perpetrator in every school. I don’t doubt that for a second. In fact, I believe she is probably being conservative.

In my own town there is a case from a 72 year old retired teacher that is now being accused of multiple cases of past abuse both in the Tri-Cities and in Seattle.

I think that what is most important to keep in mind is that we only ever see a very small tip of the ice-berg when it comes to viewing the vast scope of abuse that is occurring. As far as the media goes, we are only seeing large public cases, not the ones kept under wraps with settlements and cover ups. Even more so, we don’t see the unnumbered cases that never go reported to anyone. They are kept within the victim and left to fester. We hope that the festering results only in hardship for the victim to recover from but unfortunately, far too often, the victim later become the perpetrator. Perhaps not abusing his/her victims in the same way they were harmed but taking the shape of other forms. I am reminded of that depression commercial that plays on the TV. Who does depression hurt? Everyone. It is the same with abuse. It has a trickle down effect that will magnify itself in many ways. Damaged relationships with family, spouse, peers and friends, lack of appropriate boundaries with children, compensating behavior, etc.

We plan on homeschooling. Not necessarily for this reason all though it certainly is a contributing factor but in reality schools aren’t the beast of this problem. We could home-school all children and this would still be taking place.

I don’t know what the solution is. I know that what we are doing now isn’t working, that is for sure. I also know I want stricter penalties and public penalties at that. None of this right of privacy crap.

I think if one thing could be done to help cure this epidemic it would be for mother and fathers to bond better with their children in infancy. To establish that firm attachment that is needed in those vital first few years. It sounds naive and far too simple but really I think it ultimately boils down to unfulfilled needs that were never met. Not to say this directly leads people to be abusive but I believe that this lack of appropriate attachment manifests itself in our society in many untold ways. If you’ve never read it I highly recommend reading The Continuum Concept (a separate post will be written about this later).