Rise: The Story of the Refugee

Life is still whirling away at a crazy, fast pace. I thought I would take a minute and share a recent project of mine.

I created this video regarding the refugee crisis as an art project for my Humanities class. It is one of the most emotional things I have ever done. As we all sit down to celebrate with our families and give thanks, I hope that you will pause and consider that according to the United Nations Refugee Agency there are currently 59.5 million people on the move as refugees in the world. Humanity has never seen a displacement like this before. Ever.

I know that we fall all over the spectrum, politically, in how to respond to this global crisis but despite these differences I hope that we can remember that the fear, the terror, the desperation, and the pain are the brutal truth for too many.

This is the story of the refugee told through art. A combination of photography, poetry, and music.


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