Truly’s Natural Deodorant

Truly’s Natural Deodorant was developed by Angela for her family and friends in order to provide them with a safe, natural and effective solution to body odor. As the demand for her product grew she realized she had a product that should be made available to all. Truly’s Natural Products is run by the Collison family in Harrington Delaware and the natural deodorant is named after the youngest Collison daughter, Truly Mae.


!!!!  WINNER: Tabitha Polley  !!!!

The Scoop

If you are an individual bent on finding natural alternatives for everyday products than you have likely encountered the challenge of finding a natural deodorant that actually works…and works well.

There are a number of ingredients in many deodorants that are important to avoid. The main culprits are: aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, triclosan, steareth-n and phthalates. For information about these ingredients and why they should be avoided please see the link below:

Deodorant Ingredients to Avoid

What makes Truly’s Deodorant stand out in the natural deodorant world? Two factors.

1. There are 3 ingredients! Even better, they are pronounceable and they sound like the beginning of a tasty cake.
2. It works!! Not only does it work but it works better than any product I have ever tried.

So, what is it made of? Would you believe it only contains…

Coconut Oil

Powdered Sugar

Baking Soda

Those three simple ingredients combine to create a simple but powerful product that completely eliminates body odor. Why does it work and why in the world is sugar in there?

The sugar in the deodorant combines with your own sweat to form a hyperosmotic solution that prevents bacterial growth. The growth of bacteria is what causes body odor. Before the use of antibiotics, sugar and honey were used in open wounds to prevent infection. Additionally, baking soda helps to combat odor and the antimicrobial properties of coconut oil also help to eliminate bacteria. Want to read more about it? Click HERE.

So, with these three ingredients, Angela created the natural deodorant that I feel like shouting from the rooftops about. Consider my blog my rooftop. This is me waving my arms and shouting like a mad woman. YOU WANT THIS!

The Crunchville Experience

If you have followed my blog at all then you will be surprised to see this post show up. I fell away from blogging back in 2008 when my son was born and shortly after that my personal world blew up. Chaos still reigns supreme in my world but when Angela contacted me about doing a review for her natural deodorant I could not resist! I mean, there were my stinky armpits begging for attention as I read her email. I even had a painful rash from the Toms of Maine deodorant I was currently using. I have used many natural deodorant products but nothing has worked effectively for me. So, I excitedly wrote her back thankful for an excuse to bring my blog back from it’s virtual dusty shelf.

Truly’s deodorant comes in what looks very much like a can of chewing tobacco. Thankfully, it smells much better. It has a circular lid that you twist off and on. Since the product is made out of coconut oil it becomes a liquid state at warm temperatures and a solid at room temperature.

When I first received the deodorant it was the middle of summer in Tri-Cities, Washington. If you’ve never been there it is a hot, dry, cough, ugly, cough, cough, desert. So, when I took off the lid it was pretty melted and a little bit of the deodorant spilled out. I also had to swirl it with my finger a little bit to mix the ingredients back together. Instantly, I realized that I did not care for the type of container the deodorant is packaged in. However, I have spent the last month trying to figure out what a better type of container would be for this product and I can not for the life of me, figure it out. It may just have to be one of those things that is tolerated based on the nature of the product.

So, before I get in to my experience with Truly’s here is my experience with what I had finally settled on with deodorant. After trying many things that never worked I finally settled on Tom’s of Maine deodorant which gave me mediocre results. Even the one that claims to work for 24 hours didn’t last me very long (6-8 hours) before I began smelling. It also left a sticky residue in my armpits and after a few weeks of use I would get a chapped like burn in my armpits that was very painful. If I sweated from activity, I smelled right away and when I woke up in the morning I always smelled.

Since I’ve started using Truly’s deodorant for the last month I have only had body odor ONE time. One time in 30 days no matter what time of day it was! It’s like a body odor miracle! I have jogged and mowed the lawn in 90 degree weather. No smell. Walking outside in 110 degree weather? No smell. I have gone without showering for several days in a row. No smell. I’ve sat nervously in a courtroom for divorce proceedings. No smell. That one time that I did smell was because I forgot to reapply the deodorant first thing in the morning the next day.

To apply the product you remove the lid and dip your finger into the mixture. My product has ranged from a very liquidy cream, to a thick cream to a fairly solid mixture that you have to apply pressure to in order to remove some with your finger. This varies dependent on the temperature in your home. No matter the consistency the product always works great.

A few of my favorite factors that have not been possible with other deodorants is that there is no residue that builds up in my arm pits. They don’t get sticky. There’s been no burns or skin sensitivity. It doesn’t make my skin peel at all. And in the mornings, even if I sweat at night, I don’t stink! Even more amazing is that if I don’t shower every day all I have to do is put on more deodorant when I wake up and I still don’t smell all day even though I’ve been using it during the hottest month of the year in the middle of a desert!

The one setback I had with this product was when I traveled to a friends house for the weekend. Without thinking, I put it in my travel bag and when I got there the deodorant had leaked a little out of the container and slimed some of my bathroom products with coconut oil. I recommend putting it in a ziploc bag for travel.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy or excited about a natural body care product. Now if only I could find a natural shampoo that worked as effectively for my hair as Truly’s works for my armpits…I’d be set.

Wrapping It Up
-Suggestions, Observations and Wishes-

-I would love to see Truly’s deodorant come in a different type of container that prevents it from leaking or spilling. I honestly have no idea what this container could be but it would improve the overall usability of the product tremendously.

-On the website FAQ’s it states that the product will last from 4-6 months. I am only applying the product once a day but it is more than halfway gone and I’ve been using it for a month. Some of it was spilt and I found out after speaking with Angela that I have been more generous with it than I need to be. Even after this, I would say that I will still get 2 months of use out of it. However, even if I had to go through one can a month this would be more than worth it to me.

-Based off of my review Angela has created some tips to help make the transition to Truly’s deodorant a more seamless transition. Apparently, some of these were written on the packing slip that I did not read. Whoops. I threw away that pressure seal that prevents spilling when I opened it. Double whoops.

Truly’s Tips:

1.  Truly’s Natural Deodorant may liquefy during shipping and for ease of use should be left overnight in a climate controlled environment to allow it to re-solidify.  (This is printed on the packing slip, but I don’t know if anyone reads it!)  If you do open it right away, do so carefully to avoid spillage.

2. The Truly’s Natural Deodorant container comes with a pressure seal which if peeled off carefully and reinserted into the base of the lid, it will keep your container of deodorant from leaking even if it is in a liquid state. Just be sure to mindfully close the lid tightly before packing, and it is not a bad idea to slip it in a baggie to be on the safe side.

3. Our statement that one 2 oz container of Truly’s will last 4-6 months is based on our experience alone and not a scientific study as we are just a small family business.  I use it usually twice a day…once in the early morning before I exercise and again a bit later after I shower and it lasts me well beyond 4 months.  It is very concentrated and I encourage people to experiment with how little they actually need to stay fresh all day.  (See picture below for amount recommended).

4. If you have airconditioning and keep your home around 75 degrees,  Truly’s will stay as a creamy semi-solid but it will work at any consistency or temperature.


This is a must have product. It’s simple and extremely powerful. You can feel safe letting everyone in the family use it. For those women that are pregnant and nursing you don’t need to worry about the effects your deodorant may be having on your baby. Gentle enough for your kids and powerful enough for the stinkiest among us. I love how simple the ingredients are. I love that I can directly support another family by purchasing it. It’s nuances  (product consistency and the need to put your finger in it) are small when compared to how amazing it works. Who knew you could become so excited about deodorant??

The Basics:
Company Name: Truly’s Natural Products
Product Name: Truly’s Deodorant
Price: $7.99 for a 2 oz container OR $42.94 for a family six pack (each 2 oz)
Where to Buy:


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  1. andi · August 3, 2013

    Hey there I know you don’t check this much but I wanted to say I read this blog sometimes and came across this. I usually use clinical strength deodorent and being deployed to Afghanistan in the summer time believe me its needed, but I really wanted a natural product. Ive tried other ones but they never worked well. This worked awesome though. I love it. Going to stick with it. Also I really enjoy your writing and wish you were still blogging. Good luck with everything.

    • journeytocrunchville · August 4, 2013


      Thank you so much for you kind comments. It means so much to me. I am really happy to hear that the deodorant works great for you as well. Thank you for serving our country. I wish you the best in everything!

  2. Ginger · November 20, 2012

    Tip for all you travelers who love coconut oil products:
    Drape a piece of plastic wrap over the top of the jar of coconut oil, then screw the lid on. I’ve never had any leaks with this method, not even in warm climates or on jet trips.

  3. Lauren · September 26, 2012

    I’ve never heard of this deodorant, but it sounds great! I actually just dust a bit of straight-up baking powder on my pits and it works perfectly. I guess some people’s skin is too sensitive so I can see how the coconut oil could help as a soothing agent. I’m personally on a journey towards being plastic-free, so the plain baking soda in a recyclable cardboard box was the perfect solution.

    Milk of magnesia dabbed on your pits and allowed to dry also works amazingly well.

  4. Aluminum Free Deodorant · September 26, 2012

    Natural deodorant products is safe than chemical products.

  5. Mekale · September 19, 2012

    When I first started washing with baking soday, the instruction said to wash your hair with the soda, condition with the vinegar, then to not wash again for two weeks. I made it ten days. You can wet your hair and redo the vinegar conditioner as needed but that is to stop the cycle of over drying from over washing and slow the production of all those oils. I started in the winter so that if I was going out, I could wear a hat. LOL. On the one day I had church during the two weeks of not washing my hair, I used coconut oil on damp hair and scrunched it to enhance my little bit of natural curl so I didn’t look like a greasy slicki head. LOL It looked like the girls who use gel to scrunch but it wasn’t stiff hair.
    Now I wash my hair about every five days. I just found out that I’m pregnant, though- so I’ll have to see how pregnancy hormones affect my oil production. LOL
    Anyway, during the two weeks of not washing, it suggested to brush your hair often with a natural bristled brush to spread your oils onto the hair shaft- it is a self made conditioner. Since you’re a bit crunchy maybe you agree that our bodies natural oils aren’t actually disgusting and unhygenic. . .it took me a while to come to that realization. My body is not gross, and neither are it’s processes ( okay, so that’s not entirely true. snot is gross and so is some of the other stuff that comes from the nether regions, but oily hair is perfectly natural. lol)

  6. Mekale · September 18, 2012

    You mentioned wishing for a shampoo that was as effective- I have been wasing my hair with about 1 tbsp of baking soda dissolved in about 1 cup of water. squeezing it from a sports bottle onto my head and massaging to get it to the roots. I then let it sit for a few minutes, rinse and condition with about 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar added to about 12 oz of water, then rinse it off. (I have bottles that I put the baking soda and vinegar into before my shower then I just fill them with the shower water when ready to use them) I’ve been doing this for nearly two years. My hair doesn’t get greasy like it used to because the baking soda’s and vinegar’s ph is so close to that of my skin and I am not using phosphates. When I need extra conditioning, I use coconut oil mixed with honey (equal parts) and do a conditioning mask, then rinse. In the beginning, while my hair was getting used to this new regiem, my hair seemed dry and strawlike. FOr about two weeks, then it adjusted and I have great hair!! My daughters also9one of which has hair nearly to her waist) don’t get bed head any more, either like tney used to when we used regular shampoos and conditioners. Good luck to you and thanks for sharing your crunchy ideas!!

    • journeytocrunchville · September 18, 2012

      Thanks Mekale,

      I really should try this again. I tried this before about a year ago for a month or so and I had really poor results. I did use different ratios though so maybe I will try the ratio that you use. I had never heard about coconut oil and honey as an additional conditioner…what an excellent idea. We just happen to have ran out of shampoo today so I might just start trying this again. How often do you wash your hair? My hair is an interesting mix because of my Irish/Scottish and Filipino heritage. The top of my head gets greasy and it is soft/fine hair but the bottom half of my hair is wiry and course and looks damaged (it’s not). My hair is so frustrating I usually just pull it back and put it in a ponytail because I don’t have the patience or energy to style it with the young kids.

  7. Tabitha Polley · September 17, 2012

    I learned that preprubescent kids shouldn’t have BO. That’s a bit scary! Mine has had BO off and on for a couple years. What a relief to find a product that is Truly safe for kids!

  8. Heather · September 17, 2012

    WOW! Great read. I learned WHY the ingredients in regular deodorants are so bad for you. I had heard for awhile that they were bad but never actually knew why. We are fairly new to the crunchy lifestyle and learning as we go!

  9. Mary Claybrook · September 17, 2012

    Shared on my Facebook page!

  10. Mary Claybrook · September 17, 2012

    I learned the benefits of having sugar in the deoderant.. I’ve never heard of that in any other natural deoderant before. =)

  11. Janine Ann Martinez · September 14, 2012

    Shared on FB:

  12. Janine Ann Martinez · September 14, 2012

    It only contains 3 ingredients:

    Coconut Oil

    Powdered Sugar

    Baking Soda

  13. Jennie · September 12, 2012

    Would love to try it, pick me!

  14. Stacy H. · September 12, 2012

    Very interested in this product! I love that it is a family owned biz & named after their youngest daughter. :)

  15. Cheryl · September 12, 2012

    Hmmm…..sounds like its worth a try!

  16. Stacie R · September 12, 2012

    I also shared Truly’s Natural Deodorant FB page :)

  17. Stacie R · September 12, 2012

    I like the FB page, went to the website and learned it does not stain clothing— how awesome is that!?! Sounds amazing and I can’t wait to try it, thanks for sharing!

  18. Rosanna · September 12, 2012

    very interested in this deodorant. I have very sensitive skin and have found nothing that works great. I try to not wear deodorant as much as possible. I find it very interesting that sugar is an ingredient and didnt realize that bacteria is the cause of the “odor” when you sweat. Would love to try this.

  19. Mary · September 12, 2012

    I love that it’s free of nasty chemicals. My 10 yo is asking for deodorant but I was going to wait a while to avoid the parabens and aluminum and other nastiness.

  20. Sarah B. · September 11, 2012

    I learned that the baking soda is silky smooth, so there is no scratchy texture to irritate your skin!

    I liked their facebook page and visited their website!

  21. Bethany · September 11, 2012

    I would love to win and see if it realy works. Other natural deodorants have not really worked. Being around people who use them and rave about them, but stink. I would love to put my skepticism put to rest!

  22. Corinna · September 11, 2012

    What a fantastic idea! And I love that even the container is made from food safe materials! That’s stellar! Can’t wait to see if I win. :)

  23. Emeth Hesed · September 11, 2012

    I liked the Facebook page, visited the site, and shared the link on my Facebook.

    I hope I win! Whether I do or not, I’m going to buy this. I’m so very excited about it.

  24. Brandy · September 11, 2012

    Thanks for reviewing this product! I’m very interested in trying it!!! After visiting the website, I learned that you don’t need to keep Truly’s in the refrigerator. It’s best stored at room temperature between 70 and 80 degrees.

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