3 Month Old Vampire


Garrett turned 3 months old on the 15th. Time is flying by. He began teething about a little over a  week ago and has been drooling more than I thought possible and knawing on his little hands. Today I discovered that his left cusp tooth, his vampire tooth, has broken through his gums and the one on the right side seems close. I can hardly believe his first tooth has come in let alone that my little one is a vampire. Perhaps I should start calling him Edward? Only some of you will get that. :)

I weighed him and measured him and he is 15 pounds now and 25 inches long. His rate of growth has slowed and he is now only in the 75th percentile for both weight and height so I’m thinking that he’ll wind up fairly average before too long. He just wanted to make a grand entrance.

Teething has been a little difficult and has made him more clingy and whiny than normal and for the first time ever I had to soothe him back to sleep by rocking him last night but he is still a pretty happy guy overall. He has some cute scowls and glares but mostly he smiles a ton and has given us a few laughs but mostly he still just makes funny squeaky sounds in an attempt to laugh. I did get a good giggle out of him yesterday by singing “Kokomo” to him by the Beach Boys. I’m not sure why that is so funny I have the singing voice of an emu, after all.

He loves for you to hold him in a sitting position and I have a feeling he will be sitting early. He can almost balance for a few seconds in a forward lean sitting position. Today he started bearing weight on his legs for long periods of time and standing which is new for him. Until now he didn’t really like to stand but he stood a lot today.



  1. Christen · November 20, 2008

    Do you want me to bring it with me for x-mas? I’m glad to hear it poked through and wasn’t anything unexpected! What a little…um…I mean big cutie!

  2. journeytocrunchville · November 20, 2008

    Oh definitely. ;) I just haven’t read the last one yet.

  3. chandra · November 20, 2008

    Has Jessica read Twilight????

  4. Tabitha · November 20, 2008

    WOW! 3 months and teeth already! GO Garrett!

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