Groundhog Day?

Anyone remember the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murphy? Well, my life seems to be stuck in a loop hole and I couldn’t help but remember that movie.

Some sort of 24 hour stomach bug is going around in our house. It started with me last Friday feeling absolutely nauseous. I thought it was pregnancy related since I felt fine otherwise. I wound up taking a 4 hour nap and going to bed early and the next day I was fine. On Saturday after Mikayla threw up we realized it was a stomach virus of sorts. She only threw up once and recovered fairly quickly afterwards. Sunday no one was sick.

Monday we begin the loop. We are getting ready to go to the Playground of Dreams (really, that is what it is called) so that the kids can play at the water park feature and afterwords we were going to have a picnic. I was putting the car seat in the car when Cami opened the garage door and said, “I forgot that throw up was supposed to go in the potty.” Ugh. Not a good sign.

I walked inside and she was trying to clean herself off in the bathroom. Right in front of the bathroom door is a pile of regurgitated breakfast. I decide to clean her off first since it is in her hair. I shower her off and get her a new change of clothes. I went to put on a movie for her to watch and have her lay down to rest and as I’m walking into our room I notice another pile of unmentionable waste at the entrance to the master bedroom. Apparently she went looking for me first. I step over it and lay her on the bed and order her to be still (she all ready wants to go outside and play) and relax so that I can clean up the mess.

I go to the kitchen to get towels to begin the decontamination process and happen upon a more disturbing scene. In the middle of the playroom sat the rocking horse and I am sad to say that the horse and surrounding floor was adequately bathed in Cami puke. So gross. I quickly determine what happened. She was rocking away, puked, got up to go look for me, puked again, tried to make it to the bathroom and puked again. Nice.

I did my best to wipe up the messes with towels and then I just laid a fresh towel over the top of each pile so the kids wouldn’t walk on them because we didn’t have any spot carpet cleaner. I called my friend Shelby to see if we could borrow her carpet shampooer.

As if the day couldn’t get any worse I started to notice myself getting really hot. I walked over to the air conditioning unit to make sure it was turned on and was befuddled by what I saw. The air conditioning was on but it wasn’t working. It was 80 degrees inside and rising. Just peachy.

So I call Mike at work and he calls the company that we have contracted to take care of our air conditioning/heating and they send someone out. The a/c guy comes to our house and determines that the problem is the little unit in the house. He informs me we’ll need over $300 big ones for the part and to install it. Beautiful. I call Mike back and put him on the phone with the a/c guy. They determine that my husband, Mr. Fix It, can simply purchase the unit and install it himself which will save us $200. Very good news. So a/c guy leaves the new unit here writes us a bill and departs. Mr Fix It comes home and installs the new unit and it begins working again. Hooray!

Miss Pukey was fine for the rest of the day and played and acted like normal. The kids settle in for bed and all seems well.

This morning we decided to get ready and go to the free movie that they show at the local theater and then plan on getting together with some friends to play and also to go visit Emeth and the new baby. The girls ate breakfast and we were all getting dressed and ready to head out the door. As I’m checking my email before we depart I hear a disturbing splatter behind me. I turn to see Camden standing in front of the bathroom door surrounded by a fresh pile of puke. Nooooooooooo. I waddle as quickly as I can and lift her quickly into the bathroom and wipe her up. I then throw her into the bath because she has puke in her hair, yet again. While she’s bathing I get out the carpet shampooer that Shelby so kindly lent us and begin cleaning the mess. I finally get both her and the carpet cleaned.

As I’m sitting on the couch pouting about spending another day at home not being able to see our friends I notice that I am yet again hot. I walk over to the a/c unit and to my dismay it is yet again 80 degrees in our house. Seriously? I hope someone finds this funny because I certainly do not. Now we are waiting for a/c guy to come back and in the meantime I am sulking and sweating and hoping that this can be fixed without having to sell one of our children which is about the only thing left I have to sell on eBay.