Summer Barbeque with Friends

For the next couple posts I am going to post more pictures of my little family than you’ve probably ever cared to see. I’ve had a lot of family members asking to see recent photos so here they come. Sorry it’s taken so long to get them up.

Yesterday was Mikayla’s last day with us for her visit and we wanted it to be really fun. We got together with our good friends Shelby and her husband Mike and their two children for a summer barbeque. We grilled up burgers, corn on the cob, potatoes and watermelon and we topped it off with smores roasted over a fire for dessert (we even had dye free marshmallows that we ordered from HERE). I had a tough time trying to figure out what settings to use with my camera in the twilight so some of the pictures turned out a little funky but we had tons of fun. We didn’t get the girls home and in bed until midnight!

Mikayla will be back to spend another two weeks with us next month right around when the baby is due and we are excited that she’ll most likely be here to witness the birth of our new little one.

Swimming at Shilowe’s

We spent an afternoon at Shilowe’s house to get some pictures of the girls and to let them swim in the pool. Here are some pictures of them having fun. Camden decided she didn’t feel that great and so she only went into the water for a little bit. She sat next to me most of the time telling me to take pictures of her and she was very silly for them.

More Summer Fun Pictures

Mikayla, Camden and I met some friends at a different water park in Kennewick for a picnic and some playtime in the water sprinklers and playground. Afterwords we took the kids and carted them off to Dairy Queen for some ice-cream cones. Please excuse the excessive facial shots I was trying to learn how to use the camera. Some of the pictures were taken by my friend Shilowe, her pictures are labeled at the bottom all though I’m not sure it’s necessary. Hers are the really good ones. :)